Half way to 70 years!

Last Sunday, April 8, besides being Easter, was our 35 year anniversary. Yep, wow, it does not seem that long! I remember not long ago, we were celebrating our 25th! We took a three day weekend to Solvang, the Danish capital of America! While traveling from So. CA. to Oregon after getting married, this was one of our first stops as husband and wife, so it was fun to return. It was a very fun and relaxing time, and did not take that long to get there!

Tennessee here we come!

During my winter break in February, we loaded up a Penske truck and moved most of our belongings to TN. We totally surprised Karyn…Andy got wind of us coming from his dad. Each time we talked to Karyn on the way, we would mention the weather, talking about just hangin out…not telling her where! At one point we even told her we were taking a drive!

Paul, retired and free-spirited as he is, was able to stay for a month and put the garage of his dreams together.
Click the house for updated pictures (Thank you Karyn!!)

He met some of the neighbors, found the local telephone Co. employee hang out, found the best barbeque ribs in Spring Hill, and tried out several churches in the area. I think that will be the hardest part of moving….finding a new church home. We have been very blessed and spoiled by Hillside Community church and will miss our pastor and church family here. Saxby’s coffee became the coffeehouse of choice since there is free internet service. According to the news, by the time we get out there, Starbuck’s will be located right next door to Saxby’s… a very controversial situation!