More fun in TN

A great opportunity came our way to be in the audience for the Colgate sponsored Country Show Down, a nationwide search for new talent. Again, we had a great time, this time being at the Ryman Auditorium (THE original Opry House!) Watch for new talented group, Nash Street. They formed in high school in Mississippi, and one of their supporters was Charlie Louvin, an “original” country star. They really blend well and have a good fresh sound. The judges were all prominent in the music industry (including singers like Patsy Cline)

For Valentines day, we went south to Columbia, the next town, and toured President Polk’s childhood home. I guess the home he had as an adult was in Nashville and has gone the way of developers. History sure comes alive here! We then had lunch at Logan’s Steak House, that recently opened here. Part of retirement fun for us is to go out for lunch instead of dinner!

Paul is working on a bookshelf and is doing a wonderful job! I think he is going to have a new career shortly!

Several tornadoes hit an area just to the west of us on February 5. I will be working temporarily with a volunteer organization helping them in the office with phones and assignments. Paul had been out there the Friday after it happened and helped clear some of the debri from the roadways. I saw the area for the first time yesterday. It reminds me of the Cuyamacas after the firestorm….the trees are not blackened, but the forest areas are just as demolished, trees are either snapped or uprooted entirely. Pictures do not do it justice. There are many volunteers helping with the clean up efforts!