Mule Days

Part of living in mid Tennessee is the ambiance of the country. Part of the lovable way of life is the down home activities! In Columbia, the annual Mule Days is a part of that. We attended our first Mule Days Parade and loved it! I did not know there were so many colors, sizes and shapes of mules!

Plantations in Mid Tennessee

Rippavilla Plantation is probably the closest plantation to us which is open to the public. We recently took advantage of a special tour on the life of the slaves there.
Quite a contrast in the housing….

Another plantation we visited recently was Belmont, located at the Belmont University, in Nashville. Once owned by one of the richest women in the 19th century, it was one of five plantations she owned. Seems she was quite an astute businesswoman, at one time, working the north and south against each other when selling her cotton. She eventually sold it for a million dollars to England. She had it deposited in London and spent a year in Europe when she picked it up.