The day after we got home from CA, my younger sister and her husband visited for three days. They arrived Monday afternoon, so we just visited at our home that day, having Karyn, Andy and Hailey out for dinner for them to visit as well. In order to see a broad overview of the area, we tried to choose the highlights of the area without duplicating similar sites. Tuesday, we went to Belle Mead Plantation, Loveless Cafe, the cemetery at Carnton and Winstead Hill; Wednesday, we started at the Parthenon, drove through downtown area to view honkey tonks, the original Opry House, the old railroad station converted to Wyndam hotel, lunch at the Frist, then out to the new Opry House. We then took the long way home through Murfreesboro, checking out the downtown area and some new housing developments. I think we accomplished what we set out to do….besides seeing so much in too little time…plant a seed of “consider TN for retirement”!!:)


It was told to me recently that there is a difference between a trip and a vacation.
A trip is when you visit and spend time with people; a vacation is when you visit places.

So this was a trip. Our first stop was in Julian, where we visited former colleagues and friends for the weekend. We then went to Los Angeles area to visit family…Aaron, Alicia,



and Brayden on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

We really enjoyed them!

Since they had just moved, Paul helped assemble furniture and set up the trampoline!

Karyn and Andy arrived, joining us for a week from Wednesday to Wednesday.
Then we visited more family in Redlands and Riverside on Thursday Friday and Saturday.
My attempt to have a family father’s day reunion on Saturday fell apart, with Kayla getting sick…so we did not get to see them again this trip.
We still had a fun visit and Great Grandpa was happy to have time with the oldest grandson and the youngest great grandchild!

On Sunday, we made it to Coronado for the rest of our trip.



friends Liebmanns, Kains, and Hills all came to visit during the week as well as some of Karyn’s friends

We have had the timeshare in Coronado since 1992….with Macaw Cody being present since then. He only likes blond ladies…..yep….Karyn was the only one of our family that he liked…he really disliked Andy!

When we got home, my sister and brother-in-law arrived to visit… blog…