Hitch Itch

We have been off the road now for over six weeks…. long enough to get the “hitch itch”!

But the Lord’s timing has always been the primary force in decisions.
We were originally planning on leaving on the 17th of April, but here it is ten days later and we are still at home, the motorhome ready except for the food!! While packing the motorhome, as is normal, I was doing some last minute laundry. Yep, the washer stopped! So, I will just have to take some of the clothes dirty. Paul thought he might have to go to the RV to get some clean clothes this morning!

First, some medical issues I was having, silly me, thinking I may have diabetes, it was just arthritis causing some problems; then came the jeep rattling, and not wanting to find ourselves broke down some where in the middle of Texas, we had the catalytic converter replaced; then it was Paul’s turn to have a toothache, too problematic to leave in such pain, he has an appointment with the dentist this afternoon. In the meantime, winter is over and it is beginning to be a little warm with not as much moisture, so turning on the water system he installed last year, the controls are not working. Paul is now working on that! With Nate working 50 hours a week now, we wanted to leave with the yard being pretty much self-watering in the crucial areas!
So now our latest estimated time of departure is tomorrow morning!

Another change of plans in the area of travel, is to Guatemala, with Shalom Foundation. We will be gone May and June when the group plans on fundraising for the project itself. We were not aware that we were expected to raise funds for the project as well as our travel expenses, so we have made the decision not to participate. It is as worthwhile organization; the project included five two-story homes, costing $7500 each as well as a hospital. The group of 20 is expected to raise $17,000 toward the homes, and I know the Lord does and will provide. We just would not be around to help. For further information about the work of Shalom, check out their website at theshalomfoundation.org.