Poison Oak

I need to clarify the chiggers. FIrst, I had the blisters prior to the play. But out here on the Natchez Trace, I showed my arm to a neighbor and she said it was poison oak. Makes sense. Now that I think about it, I had pulled down some vines (I planted one plant last year… it seeded and I have multiple plants this year) that were taking over azaleas, rhododendron and 25 foot cyprus! Attached to this vine was another three leaf vine… leaves of three, leave it be….Oh well….. On line, chigger bites look smaller, last only about a week. They should be gone by now. If she is right, and I think she is, I still have a week to go… EEEK! Creeping, crawling and spreading!!! Nasty stuff!!!

Shakespeare and Chiggers

I have finally found something I do not like about TN! CHIGGERS!!
Somehow, I have about 30 blister spots all over my forearm with two of them looking like clusters of 5 or 6 about 1/2 inch across. And EXTREMELY itchy! From what I see online….CHIGGERS!

What we still love is the entertainment! We have attended two great Shakespeare plays in the park in Nashville over the past week. One was the 60’s version of the “Taming of the Shrew”, complete with the psychedelic colors and Beattles hit songs! The other, the “Complete Works of Shakespeare” included a comedic condensed version of all of his plays, including “Romeo and Juliet”, a politically (in)correct version of the combined Shakespearean comedies, a Scottish version of “Othello”, football version of the history works, cooking show version of the tragedies and the finale, comedic “Hamelet” forward AND backwards! Very entertaining!!

And we still love the Natchez Trace. We are heading out there now…….