Onancock, VA

This morning we planned to go to a railroad museum, but found out it was not open on Tuesdays, so changed our plans
We visited the Blue Crab Bay Co. on the way to see Onancock. Yummy stuff we could not resist…. especially the crab soups!
In Onancock, we walked down the historic section, touring the Ker Place

and having lunch on the water!

We continued our Monopoly game we started last night to the end….. guess who won!!

Again, a great day!
Oh, and have I told y’all how beautiful the sunrises have been?

Chincoteague, VA

One definitely gets the island feel here! Last night we saw lightening over the ocean, but could barely hear the thunder. But we could imagine the type of storms that must hit here at times. During the day, though, it has been great weather, sunny and warm. Windy in places. Our only complaint is the mosquitoes!!! While exploring the campground, we were swarmed by them at the mini golf course. We were able to keep them away from the girls, but Karyn and I got the worst of them. Both of us have over 25 bites on each arm (not including ones on our necks, backs and ankles!!). The sun rises have been gorgeous!!

Yesterday we went north from Quinby and visited the
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
and the Assateague Lighthouse

Very beautiful country. As well as many birds, this is home to wild ponies. We did sight them; however, they were far away.
View of them from the top of the lighthouse,

and from the car!

We had more mosquito swarms on the trial to the lighthouse. Karyn and I went up the 175 steps to the top while Paul babysat the girls at the bottom. Hailey cried when she saw us up at the top….I think she was scared for us!

We stopped by the National Seashore so Hailey could experience the beach. She enjoyed playing in the sand, but as soon as the water came up, she got scared and that was the end!

Tegan loved it!

The water was really warm, the sand beautiful, but the wind was so strong it was hard to really enjoy it.

On the way back we enjoyed lunch and homemade ice cream, the end of a perfect day!!

Virginia Eastern Shore

We decided to use our week at a cabin at Thousand Trails rather than lose it, so we decided to go to Virginia Landing in Quinby VA, right on the ocean! It is absolutely beautiful.

Karyn and her girls, Hailey and Tegan are with us, so we are having even more fun!
We drove up leaving home on Thursday morning, then picked them up at the Norfolk airport on Friday morning.

Saturday we took a trip down to Cape Charles, to a Tomato Festival. We were disappointed to see no tomatoes except at the Farmers Market and Hailey’s arm!

It was a nice outing, however, seeing the town and having lunch out.
Then we returned so all the babies could take their naps.

Great TN Eatin

Last weekend…. I know I am behind!…. When I got up, Paul surprised me by cleaning the kitchen up and doing some laundry. He does that quite a bit! He is the BEST!!
He is the morning person, I on the other hand am the night person! Then we went out for breakfast at Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse!
Great breakfast/ Great prices!!
It is owned by the family of Joey of Joey and Rory…. A Great duo
Check them out!

Labor Day Weekend

At the Thousand Trails on the Natchez Trace, an annual tradition for the past 18 years or so, has been a BarBQ Pork Dinner. We volunteered to help this year with pullin the meat off the bones. They had 12 shanks….. Six lucky Dobermann’s get the bones! It was the best pork I have had!!

Something I have never had was a yellow watermelon! On the way back from Lawrenceburg the other day, we stopped at an Amish farm to pick up some produce. I chose this watermelon because it was small enough for the fridge and sounded good when thumped. I realized when I got home it had “yellow” written on it. Sure enough, when we cut it open, it was yellow! Tastes the same. A little more firm than red.

One more day here, then movin’ on out….somewhere….

Enjoyin retirement

Paul checks out Craigslist freebies everyday. So just before leaving for the Natchez Trace, Paul saw a metal trellis…not that we were looking, but it had possibilities!! This picture was taken after we removed the bathroom sink from the top (it was sitting out front of another house we passed along the way with a free sign on it… at least we left the two flower pots in the form of toilets!! ) We picked the sink up for Nate’s place, but I do not know if he really wants it or not.

Yes, honey, the Jeep is a tool not a toy!!
We had some work to do to remove the vines that were on it. BEFORE:

But it was worth it. AFTER:

On our way here, we pass a turnoff to a winery, and often said “one of these days…” So we decided on Saturday to check it out. They have live music on Saturday nights. (Remember, close to Nashville)
It was smaller than we thought, but we were told they get thousands of tons of grapes out of the vines!

Also got some more ideas to keep Paul busy and out of trouble when we are at home.

Then we got a surprise visit on Tuesday!! Last time Hailey saw the inside of the RV, she was about two months old!! (She was too scared of it when it was in front of her house!) So she was really looking around. But she seemed to like the tent best! Go figure! She is definitely an outside gal. Got to take her tent camping! She enjoyed chillin’ with Opa!

And Tegan just wanted to go somewhere!

Socializing always means eating… So we went to Captain D’s Wednesday (senior day) in Lawrenceburg, and Antonio’s Grill in Hohenwald on Thursday (they had their first anniversary half off special!) And of course, Walmart both days!

Looking forward to the Hog Cookout this weekend.