Borrego Springs

Eat your heart out Bruce!! If you were here, you could be on this golf course instead of watching the rain!!

We have been in Borrego Springs for two weeks now, working on our rental. Although we had planned to paint, we were a little surprised at the condition of the walls. It looked like there was a lot of smoke damage, even though there is not fireplace!! We think maybe somebody left something on the stove!! So after washing the walls and ceilings with TSP and two or three coats of paint, we are almost done! Although retiling the floors was a possibility, when Paul pulled up the carpet, the tile under was so loose, it confirmed we needed to replace it! It has been a job and a half, with a lot of cuts! It was also obvious we needed to replace the faucets (constant stream of water), hot water heater (rusted out) and the toilet (it had a crack in the tank and still took several flushes still after a plumber replaced inside parts not long ago!) And all while renters are living there. I did not take before pictures, but will post completed pictures. We will be here at least another week. Just glad we could take care of everything now rather than hiring it all out!!
It has been really nice weather-wise, but windy… Temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, so it has been great for working. One day there were great cloud formations!

Although we have been working HARD, we have also been playing hard as well. We take time to sit in one of the mineral spas in the late afternoon and evening.
One Saturday, we met up with a friend from high school, Ruth Records Blank and her husband, Rick. We have not seen each other for over 20 years and just found out on fb we lived an hour away from each other for at least 10 of those years!! They have a great outside train layout, we were able to enjoy, followed by lunch out at Marie Callender’s, not available to us in TN!

Rick has both steam and diesel locomotives and changes the back yard layout according to the season. It has taken 11 years to put it together and has been featured in a train magazine. They even cued the lizard to run in front of the train! Paul was impressed… maybe he will revisit his dream of doing something similar!

We made it up to the Julian Pie Company in Julian for coffee one day. A group of locals gather there every afternoon, so we knew we would get to see more Julianites there. We were invited for dinner at Wilbur and Jeannie Luhnow’s. Dick Nichols claims it is their ministry to “feed the homeless”.
Dick and Cheri Nichols came down to Borrego for an afternoon to visit, and another day Herb and Eunie Dackermann came down and we had a late lunch one day, at Carlee’s. It was like we have not left Julian!
One Friday, here at the Springs RV Park, was a Spring Into Spring Concert with Jacqui Foreman.

She really was good, and we enjoyed the music and the relaxing time. Then we met friends Gina and Gary Nichols, for dinner at Carlee’s. (No there are no other restaurants! LOL) Sorry, Karyn, no Karoake! Gina and Gary also invited us to their place for dinner one night. They live on a golf course here in Borrego, and we enjoyed eating outside, along the fairway!!

We have enjoyed Sundays attending our former church! It has been great hearing Pastor Rick again, and catching up with everyone! Rick turned 60, and we were privileged to help him celebrate at a surprise birthday party.

We have enjoyed all of our visits, and realized no matter where we are, friends in Julian will always be very special to us.