MMAP Nisland, S.D. Week 3 Finished

Our MMAP trip is officially finished. Before we left, we all had lunch at the Burnt Toast Restaurant on the last day.

There is another MMAP group coming in a week from Monday for three weeks and will be finishing up the work at Nisland Independent Community Church, and we left this morning.

Of course, the spiders found us after being parked for a couple of weeks, and the grasshoppers found the webs and got caught!

But we still had lots of grasshoppers jump around our legs as we walked!
We left early enough to see deer….. one was sitting!! Which neither of us have ever seen before, but passed too quickly for a picture!! I was tempted to have Paul stop so I could run back, but knew it would be gone by then!

We are now on our way to Neligh, Nebraska for Nathan’s wedding!
On our way, we stopped to visit the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, South Dakota.
A VERY interesting place, with a little bit of everything, including 250 antique and classic automobiles, and tractors housed in several buildings,

and some one of a kind vehicles!

and motorcycles, one of which is still registered to Elvis,

and a 1921 motor home, which cost $16,000 to build! The couple toured the USA for three years!

Of course for us, it became a visit down memory lane: Paul pointed out the motorcycle model that he had just out of high school. His was dark blue in color, and he drove it from Redlands to San Francisco! Imagine a 12+ hour drive on this “Dream”!!

and I showed him one of the cars we had growing up, the Metropolitan; ours was a pretty green color….and my sister and I actually fit in the “back seat” (barely)!! It was mom’s car, the first time we had a second vehicle!

and they even had a model of my first car, the Willys! Mine was light blue, and I was sorry to give it up. But my dad, the mechanic, thought it was time for a new one.

We lost an hour, coming back into central time, but we got as far as Valentine, just south of the South Dakota border, before stopping early enough to relax, do some laundry and enjoy the evening.

MMAP Nisland, S.D. End of Week 2

We are at the end of our second week, with one more week to go and we will have completed our commitment to MMAP for the year. Our six month trip has gone fast on one hand, but yet slow on the other hand, since it seems like forever ago that we left. We are both ready to go home for a while.
The siding on the church continues to go up, the painting inside continues,
and after next week, another group from MMAP will come to Nisland Independent Community Church. They will continue to work on the siding and get to see the project completed!
This weekend started out Thursday night at the Butte-Lawrence County Fair, held here at the Nisland Fair Grounds. A great historic octagon pavilion is the centerpiece of the grounds. All of us went down to enjoy the country fair at its finest! The electric company and the telephone company paired up and supplied the fair goers with a great pulled barbecue meat sandwich with beans and chips. While in line, we got Democrat popsicles, and at the end of the line after getting our meal, we got Republican vanilla ice cream!! After we ate, we enjoyed what none of us had ever experienced before: Watching the sheep catch
and the tractor pull.

The fair definitely had a country feel!

Friday was vampire day for Paul, then on to Walmart and out to lunch with our coordinators, the Enfingers. We have really appreciated their willingness to take us to the clinic each week Paul is required to have his blood checked.
Saturday, we went with our next door neighbors and fellow workers, Wayne and Brenda Price. They took us with them to Spearfish,

taking the scenic drive (Hwy 14A) we had gone on last week. We stopped in Belle Fourche on the way so the guys could see the Center of the Nation. That’s right…no longer in Kansas…when the coordinates include Alaska and Hawii, the center of the USA is just north of this town.

We ladies stopped there earlier in the week when we did our laundry, but knew the guys would enjoy seeing it as well.

After going through Spearfish Canyon, we continued on a dirt road past Roughlock Falls and we were able to see where the winter camp was filmed in Dances with Wolves…. can you believe that movie came out 20 years ago!?! We need to watch it again to see if we recognize it!

Instead of returning the same way, we continued on to Lead, Deadwood and then through Sturgis. In Deadwood, we walked through #10 Saloon (which is For Sale, by the way, if anyone is interested!) where Wild Bill Hickock was shot and killed.

Then up to Mt. Moriah Cemetery where he is buried,

and where we had a great overview of the town.

During World War I, Congress granted Deadwood permission to fly the flag 24 hours a day to honor all veterans

Then we drove through Sturgis, where all of the bikers were headquartered last week. Some are still around……we even saw a bride on a motorcycle!! Too fast for me and my camera to catch! We came home via Hwy 79, which took us on the other side of Bear Butte!
And to end, we have enjoyed the sunsets here: They have been beautiful, especially when the clouds are present.

MMAP Nisland, S.D. Week 2

Last Friday, we went with the Enfingers (our coordinators for this month) for a ride through Spearfish Canyon. The scenic road (14A) follows a creek through the canyon, which was formed prior to the Grand Canyon!

The scenery was really beautiful…. with different rock formations along the way,

and again, we got a feel for the amount of motorcycles in the area!!

And THIS was the most unique motorcycle we saw!

The weather was perfect and the scenery fantastic, including Bridal Veil Falls
with the top view- from the road and from the bottom, after a short walk

and at the end of the canyon, Roughlock Falls!

It made us miss the jeep even more!!

This morning, after spending the last week removing siding and prepping, the men were able to put the first board up!
They are looking forward to more visible progress during this week.

I was the brave one to paint the top of the 15 foot walls! A very tense day! I guess I am getting experience for when we have to paint at home! NOT!!
As we continue to work, we praise the Lord for safety during this project!

MMAP Nisland, S.D. End of First Week

The end of the first week here in Nisland has come! The time is really going fast!

The siding has been removed,

the eaves repaired with new eaves installed,

and weather stripping and water guards have been installed around the windows.

Every day there are literally thousands of motorcycles going past from dawn to dusk and beyond! We heard there were over 900,000 bikers registered! I thought I took a movie of them going by, but being new to the camera, I guess I did it wrong, and it did not take!

According to the news here, there have been several DUI arrests and 15 deaths related to the rally. I just found out through facebook that one was a friend of a friend of mine.

On a happier note, we sat outside and watched the cloud formations this evening….. remember, these were all within about an hours time!

The wind came up, with a small twister to the left of the picture

Then odd looking cloud formations

Then lightening behind the clouds causing some great lighting effects!!

Between 10 PM and 4 AM there is to be a meteor shower. But with the cloud cover we have, it will not be visible… but we are satisfied, as we already saw the majesty of HIS creation earlier!!

Nisland, South Dakota

We arrived in Nisland, safe and sound, minus the Jeep (sigh, sniff, sniff). This is really a small place! Population 204! It has an interesting history and is well past it’s hey day in the early 1900’s. Even Calvin Coolidge has been here! The town will be celebrating its 100-year anniversary in September.

It is only a few miles from Sturgis, home of the annual motorcycle rally which is going on this week. We have been advised to avoid Sturgis, since they only allow motorcycles in the town during this week. But they have been taking rides out in this area and we have seen a lot of motorcycles!

On Saturday, the Nisland Volunteer Fire Department was having a fundraiser barbecue, so we decided to walk down to partake!
It was a great meal, and we were able to tour the whole town afterward.

Literally, the church,

and where we are parked,

is on a hill above the town, with a fantastic view!

The only restaurant in town is the Burnt Toast. We plan to try it one day!

Beyond the town, we can see Bear Butte.

Those of you familiar with Julian area, it is the size of Santa Ysabel! Similar terrain, farmers living on the outskirts. We went “gravel roading” with Lamar and Dian, seeing some more scenery and small towns along the way.

And even a Jeep for sale……

The men of the group started taking down the siding of the fellowship hall this morning, and were able to remove siding from three sides!

The ladies are waiting for paint to begin painting and books to sort for the library.

Grasshoppers are EVERYWHERE!! As you walk, they all jump out of the way.

This is one of millions!!

Just Chillin!

Friday begins Bike Week in Sturgis, 20 miles north of where we are, so we are seeing thousands of motorcycles. We have a view of the interstate and it is a constant flow. Kind of fun to watch!! Here in the campground I am noticing most of these guys are not as young as you would expect.

Since we no longer have a tow vehicle, we are just hangin’ out at the RV for the week. Paul has been taking care of lots of maintenance (electrical, plumbing, WD 40, organizing, hail repair) and I have done some (ok, a little) cleaning. Paul is glad we have this time to relax and catch up on the mundane things of life. House on wheels does require constant maintenance. Both of us have read, and we have cable, so are catching up on news. (Maybe we better not get cable again. Bad for the blood pressure!)

So let’s talk about the weather……. 3 inches in an hour….
We felt like Noah’s Ark!! Water to the right,

Water to the left!

All is back to green grass this morning!! I think some knew it was coming, because neighbors on both sides of us left in the morning.
Our chairs, which I had put under the coach when it started raining (silly me!), were found 30 feet away, full of mud!

And to close, there is always the silver lining after the storm!