Work in Nashville

We are happy to be back home!

While we were gone, on May 1-3, there was record rainfall, resulting in severe flooding here in the Nashville area. We were saddened we were not home to help out with clean up and rebuild. But the first Sunday back to church, they announced that WFBC would be helping Harpeth Woods neighborhood with some of the rebuilding from the floods! After five months, people are still not back in their homes. And just this morning, there was an article in the paper: The body of one of the victims who got caught in the river when his vehicle got swept away, has just been recovered. So families are still recovering! In October, we will be working in our own back yard so to speak! Helping at the end of rebuilding is sometimes more rewarding, because you can see the final results!

This video was sent to us to show the extent of some of the flooding in Nashville:

And here is the “rest of the story”: The Lighthouse Christian School (where the building seen in this video floating down the interstate was from) has just been rebuilt by Extreme Makeover. The work was done last week; however, we did not get out there to actually watch the work being done. The episode is to air sometime this fall….. so keep your eyes open for it!

In the meantime, we will be home for the holidays and plan to hit the road again in January!

HOME again

Where is home? Where you park it!

We have parked the RV in Spring Hill; so for now, home is here!! It is good to be back.
We got home a week ago and we are STILL unpacking and cleaning. It feels like we just moved in!
Neither of us can believe the amount of stuff we had in there! (Watch for RV Hoarders Reality Show!)

Paul wanted EVERYTHING out so we could do a really thorough job of scrubbing, carpet cleaning, and oiling cabinets.
It took all day one day, and part of the second to unload it while it was parked here, then we have gone to the storage yard and spent hours cleaning the inside of the RV! Hopefully today will be the last for inside, then we will bring it back home to clean the outside, then take it in for repairs. Slideout and refrigerator recall now, then the AC in the spring!

The house and yard wasn’t too bad considering neglect for six months! We did have someone mowing, but there are a lot of weeds in the grass. All of our bushes and trees survived (one of the Magnolia’s died at the top, so it is now a little shorter than the other). Nate’s little foot high Arbor Day tree sticks are now looking like real trees!

While in South Dakota, we saw what was called a “writing spider”. Well, the person that knew the name of it was from Georgia, and said they were a LOT bigger there. Well, we got home and found one between two holly bushes that was probably three times the size of the one in South Dakota:

It is so intriguing…. wonder what is says? The “writing” on the one in South Dakota was right where a grasshopper had landed and was eaten by the spider.

Next weekend there are several fall festivals around the area, so we will have to decide on ONE and get back into the spirit of exploring middle TN!!



What a surprise!! When I was looking at the route home, I saw a small town named Bonnie!! So of course we detoured (not by much!!) to take a look!

Not much there, but the post office,


a couple of churches,

and a big furniture store. (but it did not have my name on it, so I did not take a picture).
YAY! I have my own town (Pop. 450)!!

Mark Twain in NE Missouri

We enjoyed the museum that is preserving the home where Mark Twain was born. and watched a video on his life. It was very interesting, and useful information as we toured the boyhood home and museum in Hannibal.

Along with a few private homes, this is what is left in Florida, MO (Pop. 9). A tribute to the actual site where the house was originally located, the old school house, and the church.

and this grinding wheel and dogtrot house

Hannibal, MO
What a great town. It felt like a small town down in the historical section, along the Mississippi River.

The Mark Twain Museum consisted of six buildings, including Tom Sawyers house,

Becky’s house,

and Huckleberry Finn’s house.

It also included a museum gallery,

with ORIGINAL Norman Rockwell paintings used in Tom Sawyer,

and Huckleberry Finn.

Scenes around town included statues

and lighthouse, with umpteen steps (I counted 75 on the last section, and there were four sections of steps!!), passing “Becky’s Butterfly Garden”

But it was worth the fantastic views of the town and Mississippi River!

We picked up some old Mark Twain story books while there, so we have our reading for the next year (or so)!!


We left Brunswick on Sunday morning and stopped for lunch at the Hollywood Diner on the way to drop Aaron off at the airport.

Having no tow vehicle, it was in the “bus”! Piece of cake! Easier than we thought! Paul just chose the commercial lane, rather than the auto lane. (Just one impatient shuttle bus driver beeped his squeeky horn at us, so Paul returned his honk to show what a real horn sounded like!)

After safely getting back onto Hwy 29S, we didn’t get very far! After driving about an hour, we decided we were both exhausted and stopped early. I was able to get laundry done, and Paul took a nap.

We decided to go east on Hwy 36, and then south instead of south and then east, to avoid the interstate and see more of the small town flavor of Missouri. We saw signs to Louisiana and Mexico, but knew we were not close to the states….. they were names of towns in MO.

Ever hear of the following towns?

Hamilton, MO
We stopped in Hamilton, birthplace and childhood home of J.C. Penney. The museum was closed, but we did get a couple of pictures, including his home there.

Marceline, MO
Further East on Hwy 36, we stopped at Marceline, Walt Disney’s childhood home. It seems they are just as proud of him as he was of them; and when he addressed children at a Disney movie premiere in the town, he told them “my best memories are the years I spent here in Marceline; you children are lucky to live here.” He is said to have claimed that “more things of importance happened to me in Marceline than ever happened since or are likely to in the future.” We visited the Disney farm, which Walt bought back, which includes the house, (that has been remodeled and looks nothing like it did when he was there),

Walt’s barn, “The Happy Place”, where he put on a circus for the neighborhood kids,

and where guests are encouraged to write on the inside beams (we didn’t have a pen with us)
He also had a duplicate made at his home for his studio.

We also saw his dreaming tree, where he watched small animals, sketching them, telling his younger sister many stories, all of which became part of the Disney we know and love. He visited the tree in the 50’s and was amazed it was still living.

His grandson has planted a new tree (on the right) since the original one (on the left) is now dying.

The Disney Museum, the old railroad depot, was open, so we learned a lot about him and his family there. He was discouraged from doing artwork, as his father felt there was no way to make a living by drawing. He donated artwork for the school gymnasium, as well as flags, playground equipment, miniature cars and track. His desk is on display, complete with his initials. When he returned to Marceline in the 50’s, our tour guide’s home was chosen for him, his wife, brother Roy and his wife, to stay in, since hers was the only home to have air conditioning at the time. The town came together to loan furnishings to her (she almost said no, since her furnishings were not the best). It was fun to hear the personal story! Her daughter continues to be involved in Disneyland. Walt Disney had plans to have a living farm constructed in Marceline when he died, putting an end to that dream.

About 60-70 trains still pass through town each day, and I can see where a small boy would be enthralled by them! E.P. Ripley, the name of the local park, was the name given to the first steam locomotive at Disneyland. Walt had the 2546 Steam Locomotive in the park painted Santa Fe and Disnelyand Railroad.

The USPS issued the Walt Disney commemorative stamp from the local Post Office in 1968, and even renamed it the Walt Disney Post Office.

Florida, MO
We got as far as Mark Twain State Park to camp by Mark Twain Lake, in time to catch some great sunset pictures.

Bet you did not know that Florida was where he was born! Population was 100 when he was born in 1835, only 9 in 2000 census!

Nate and Chris Wedding

Nate and Chris wedding was on Saturday.
What an exciting weekend!! If I had to describe it: fun, sweet, simple, and elegant!!
Formal pictures can be viewed in two weeks at and click on “clients”. Password: Voss
In the meantime, this blog is going to be some of the pictures I took…..A picture is worth a thousand words!
It started with the wedding rehearsal Friday night,

then the wedding Saturday afternoon,

Don’t these two look like little Angels?
No, I don’t mean the old men, I meant the little girls……

uuuummmm, maybe not…….

Grandpa Jake was there in spirit and music as he played the organ music which was taped just prior to his death two years ago. Nate and Chris honored the grandparents not with us anymore, by having their pictures present.

And for the grand finale, as they left, bubbles for Chris and Nate’s dream getaway car!! (Click on “getaway car” for the youtube movie!!)

Neligh, NE

We spent the night in Valentine, Nebraska, after leaving Nisland, South Dakota.
Valentine had some great sites in town.

including handcarved bricks on the outside of the local bank,

The motor home does not stop as fast as a car, so when we see something out the window, it is mostly impossible to stop right then and take a picture. You will have to imagine the shots I missed…. the round bales of hay stacked to form a rocketship, and another stack further down the road to form a bear. We followed the cowboy trail from Valentine to Neligh, and to see a bike rider, and an older couple walking along it with fields of baled hay in the back ground would have said it all. At one point close to Valentine, we were on a bridge, and the view of the train trussel that is now the Cowboy Trail was awesome. Paul offered to turn around for that one, but we would have blocked the road as there was no place fo us to turn off. There was, but we would have still been there trying to get out of it!! (When you see the big truck sign with a line through it, you learn that you don’t go there in the RV!)

We arrived in Neligh on Saturday afternoon. We are parked in their city park, it has a very nice campground! Monday and Tuesday mornings, I baked up lots of goodies for Chris’s shower, which was a “Tea” on Tuesday night.

Wednesday we just chilled at the park and Nate and Chris brought Angie’s girls down, so we went for a walk around the park and found several playground areas,

There were several places destroyed by spring flooding, including a bridge built in 1935, with what is left of the baseball field in the background.

And the bridge with road on the left washed out

then walked down the adjacent Cowboy Trail a little way and saw the Neligh Mill.

Now, it is off to the rehearsal dinner prep!!