MMAP, Oct. 2012, CEF, Windsor Mills, MD

We completed our third week at CEF Headquarters near Baltimore, MD, on Thursday.
And a good time was had by all!  

We sewed,

We sanded,

We gofered,
We painted,

We smiled,
We ate,

And we finished the job!

The basement room was completed except for the floor, which they plan to replace in the next few weeks.

Since they knew we loved to eat, they treated us by making a spaghetti and meatball dinner our last night, complete with chicken, salad, garlic bread, green beans and cake!

And Dick treated us to “back to quarters” and “taps” on the trumpet…. a perfect end to our stay.

We were going to stay in the area a few extra days, but hurricane Sandy was coming and there was a prediction of snow in the higher elevations, where we were headed.  So we are now heading home….stopping for lunch with dear, longtime friends, and beating the rain!  Next blog:  Sites we saw in Maryland!

MMAP, Oct. 2012, CEF, Windsor Mill, MD

Our first week here on the MMAP project in Maryland is complete already!!
MMAP asks the host to provide space, including electric, water and sewer, for the RVs.  Since we are in their parking lot, a temporary set up had to be made.  When we arrived, two of the guys had already installed the temporary sewer system in the parking lot, but some adjustments were needed to make it user friendly, using a macerator.

Previously, the basement at the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) building had some water damage.  Although the cause has been repaired, the block walls still had some work to be done on them.  
We ladies sanded and repainted with drylock sealer to make it waterproof prior to the guys hanging plastic and installing 1×2  rib boards for hanging sheetrock.
Delores and I also got to play with some of the big toys!

The room has, up to this time, been unfinished.  Our project is to get it as user-friendly as possible!  The primary purpose will be for training.
Paul also removed plumbing in the bathroom in order to put up sheetrock in that room
as well as scraping and preparing the floor and installed new tile.
One full wall has sheetrock and a layer of “mud”.
The ladies also made curtain valances for the windows, and this week are working on full panels of curtains to cover a storage area.
Two,  Marie and Lois, who have both worked with CEF in the past, went with the director to help with a school on their first meeting.  Prayers were  answered this week for more workers at this school!
The time has gone by fast, and tomorrow is our half way day!!  We are continuing this week with making the curtains and the finishing the walls!

Washington, DC, Part 2

As we continue to explore, we are impressed by all of the buildings, especially the two we saw on

Day 4

Capitol Building was one of the buildings we did not see last time we were in DC.

What can I say…….I am just glad these words are still there!!

We managed to get in on a tour of the Capitol within 10 minutes!  
This is the Capitol Crypt.  This was supposed to be George Washington’s burial site, but it was not completed prior to his death, and following the completion, permission was not granted by the family.
Each state is invited to contribute two statues to display at the Capitol, which are housed in different areas.   Here in the Crypt, they lined the wall.
They are also displayed in the visitor’s center
 Hawaii, King Kamehamehai                                                                                  

Alabama, Helen Keller
The Rotunda is the heart of the building.  With several more statues, it is used as a ceremonial room.
Ronald Reagan, which has a cord of the Berlin Wall in the base

Thia picture is on the $2 bill…. remember those?
The dome has a significant painting in the middle, with George Washington at the center of it.

The National Statuary Hall was the first Hall of the House of Representatives.  It now houses statues.

The dome is not quite as elaborate as the Rotunda, but still impressive!

 Speaker Boehner’s office was just off of this room…. but we did not see anybody!

 This is a copy of the statue of Freedom, which was placed on top of the Capitol in 1863.

Library of Congress was also a building we missed during our prior trip.
We followed a tunnel from the Capitol to the Library, which is now also known as the Thomas Jefferson Building..
The interior of the Library of Congress was PHENOMENAL!  Overwhelming is another word for it!
Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here they are!

ALL ceilings and floors are tile, marble posts and walls, 24K gold leaf!!!  Lighting is original to the building.
After the original small library in the Capitol was burned, Thomas Jefferson sold his collection of 6,847 books to  establish the new library.  Fire again took a two-thirds of the collection.  The remaining books laid the foundation for the existing library in the building that was built and opened in 1897. There are 20 reading rooms, the main one just as beautiful as the great hall.  The Gutenberg and Mainz Bibles are both displayed here.  Pictures were not allowed of these collections and rooms.  Otherwise, you would be seeing 100 more pictures!!

Day 5
American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery were a few blocks north of the National Mall where the majority of the Smithsonian buildings are.  We are definitely slowing down!  Even though we were pushing ourselves, we saw a lot in these two, intermingled museums.  Some were restricted for photographs; others, just too many to show all!
The art museum included
folk art pieces 

and a painting by Grandma Moses

The portrait gallery was fascinating.  It included many notable well known people, but as we read about some, they were influential, but not necessarily in our history books.  
This was the first woman to run for president, in 1884!  And we thought Ms Clinton was the first!

This is the only collection of all of the president’s portraits other than the White House.  
Clinton’s was the most unique,
as was Kennedy, but I neglected to get a picture of it… it was very much like the Plien Air style.  Very 60’s!  The rest were very traditional.
This grand piano was commissioned by President T. Roosevelt.  The seals of the first thirteen colonies are on the side.

It was well worth the visit; we learned a lot.
We also visited the Canadian Embassy, where I confirmed I have dual citizenship.

We left for Windsor Mills, and are now parked at the Child Evangelism Fellowship, Maryland Headquarters.  We started work this morning, glad it was indoor work, since it has cooled down significantly!

Washington, DC, Part 1

WOW!  Our trip to Washington DC  is going to have to be two blogs!! Five days of walking resulted in LOTS of pictures!  About eighteen years ago, we went to Washington…..and walked and walked and walked!
This time, we thought, we won’t walk as much because we are going to focus on the Smithsonian Museums…….Guess what?  We walked and walked and walked!!  Even more than in Israel!  Five days was enough for our aging bodies!
We took the Metro in each day, and by the end of the week, we felt pretty confident in maneuvering the underground. 

We only missed getting off at our stop once; and we had a hard time determining which direction we needed to go once we got onto the street.  But everyone was so friendly and if we stood for a minute with the map, someone would ask if they could help!
Day 1:
National Air and Space Museum had so much to see… 23 galleries!  Exhibits include hundreds of aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, rockets and related artifacts from the beginning to the present.  It really struck me how fast airplanes then space ships developed once the Wright brothers got off the ground!  The most interesting in my opinion:
first Wright brothers 1903 model, 

 as well as the more successful 1911 model

 first mail plane center; bottom Amelia Earhart’s “Red Bus”, and Lindberg’s plane to the right.

Lindberg’s Spirit of St. Louis is also there.

first airplane to break the sound barrier and create the sonic boom in the 50’s

 first US rocket shot up into space in 1958

 the Mercury, the first US manned space ship to orbit the earth with John Glenn at the controls in 1962.  It was a very tight fit for a full grown man!

and Darkstar, a reconnaissance gathering plane that was built between 1996-99.  I remember seeing these flying over Julian!

We decided to stop in Chinatown on the way home, and had a great chinese dinner, 
located at the historic, former Surratt boarding house, where it is said the conspirators plotted the abduction of President Lincoln

Day 2:

Ford Theatre is not one of the Smithsonian museums, but since we had both just finished reading Lincoln’s biography we thought it would be fun to revisit.  

The basement museum was definitely different from our recollection!  We only remember a small museum at the front of the theatre,

The gun Booth used.

(Also Booth’s boot was there, but I neglected to get a picture!)

The theatre remained as we remembered, but we were able to go to the balcony this time.  A short talk was given by one of the rangers.  The building was originally a Baptist church.

Across the street, where Lincoln was taken after he was shot and died,
now includes a new learning center next door, just opened 6 weeks ago!
The four story stack of books on Lincoln was impressive!
National Museum of Natural History was amazing. 

The 45.52 carat Hope Diamond is on display, 

but I could not get a picture that showed the true color or showed its true beauty!  It is a beautiful, deep sky blue, more like a sapphire color!  This was the best I could get;

with 16 white diamonds surrounding it and 46 on the platinum chain.

 Many more jewels were on display, including these pieces of alexandrite


and so many types of stones….
 Different types of  quartz
and some from near where we used to live, Mesa Grande 

and Tourmaline King Mine, 
And GOLD….

Bones not only from snakes and animals,


but humans as well!

All told stories of where  and how they lived!
There was quite a display of mammals

God’s creations are wonderful!
(The disappointing part of the museum is that they had a whole section on evolution!)

Day 3:

Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) is the original building and is now the information center.  

I guess this is where you are supposed to start!  In the hall was a sampling of things to see in each of the associated museums.  

It was raining that day, so we chose to see the closest museum, which was the Freer.  

Freer Gallery is a collection of Asian art.
The building which surrounds a courtyard, had a variety of Chinese, Korean and Japanese artwork and objects.

Chinese Jade

and bronze 

 Japanese screens and
brass and silver canteen from ancient Arab world depicts the nativity in the center, as well as inscriptions, saints and knights.

In one of the corners of the building was the Peacock Room.  This was a highlight for me.  To understand and 
for the very interesting story behind the room, click on Peacock Room for the link~
Basically, in London a wealthy business man had his dining room painted and designed to go with his painting by J Whistler called The Princess from the Land of Porcelain.  He also wanted to display his collection of blue and white ceramics.  He eventually displayed a mix of other ceramic vessels.  After he died his wife, who did not like it, had it all removed and boxed up.  It eventually became a private exhibition space in Detroit, then it was donated to the Smithsonian when Mr. Freer, the Detroit owner, died.

Although dark, it was really an elegant room!
It stopped raining, so we decided to walk to the American Indian Museum and try the the Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe for lunch.
National Museum of the American Indian encompassed all!
Representing different tribes, a beautiful hand carved Inuit boat,

along with an intriguing sculpture was carved by an Inuit from the skull of a bonehead whale,

Oneida Indian,

Geronimo guns

Sitting Bull gun

St Laurant Indian ice fishing vehicle,

and even a display fom our San Diego County Indian tribe!

A special horse exhibit included horse masks of different materials:

Feathers and buffalo skins

and beads.

A teepee and

 horse dressed for ceremony

were also displayed.
Outside displays contrasted the Capitol building.

Two more days…….and lots more pictures…….. coming up on the next blog……