MMAPer VS Big Dog

First night out, we stopped in a rest area.  As Paul was snacking and I was starting supper, he started yellling, NOOOO…..STOP….. and left the coach!
The truck in front of us backed into us, pushing us back about 11 feet!!!

$1000.00 mirror will need replacing!

 Have it duct taped together right now!  The manufacturer says it takes 3 weeks to get it.

 As will our window…….. Hopefully we can get it taken care of in MD, since it, too will take time to relplace.

 The slideout for the generator in front of the motorhome is bent and a little warped, so we cannot open it.  There are some gouges as well…. they can wait til we get home.

 The wheels of the truck that backed into us were just in front of the line, with his overhang to the end of the side line.  He pushed us back that far!!

Praise the Lord no one was hurt!!
and Paul had a good conversation with the driver, a vietnamese gentleman.
What an exciting start to our trip!!

On the Road Again….

We have been home for three months now, time to get on the road again.
A lot has happened during the time we were home.  
Grandkids, especially the babies, are growing fast.  Allison was dedicated while we were home (we missed Dotties ;(  ), and DJ even has a mustache!
We had sleep overs,

attended pre school activities, including Hailey’s “Graduation”,

celebrated my birthday with Nate and Chris taking me to a favorite restaurant, Mimi’s, and spur of the moment, picked strawberries, 

(while DJ thought it was great to squeeze them),

and took advantage of the pool being open.

Paul created a beautiful Mother’s Day lunch, with steaks that filled the plate… hard to top on Father’s Day!
and I was able to catch up and celebrated life with dear friends.

We also got together for dinner, and 2+ hours great visit at Olive Garden with our husbands!  

Even though this trip is only going to be a month long (“only” being relative! 😉 ), 
it seemed to take so much longer to pack.  But it was not only packing.  Paul had the rig home several days for multiple maintenance jobs, so we would pack a few things each time.  He replaced the kitchen faucet, shower faucet (which are challenging Paul to the max and are still leaking!), hot water heater plumbing, light replacement, cupboard latches, drawer repair, tiling, repaired vent screens, cleaned carpets and made a portable extension for the couch/bed.  I tried to stay out of the way, but did clean the light lenses that were cloudy, and cleaned the exterior.  

We are now heading for Williamsburg, VA for a vacation before we head up to Windsor Mills, outside of Baltimore, MD for our MMAP project for June.  We will be at Maryland Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) headquarters.  For us, it has been rare to go to a project more than once.  We have been to one other project twice in the four years we have been with MMAP.  This will be our second time going CEF.  Last year, we completely renovated the basement into a usable space for training.  We are tickled to help such an evangelical-focused, deserving  organization again.