Ocean City, MD, and Gettysburg, PA

During our time here in Maryland, my sister Susan and her husband Dan were on vacation in Ocean City.  God is so good with His timing!  We were in Maryland at the same time and were able to spend some great time together and made some awesome memories with them. 
They invited us to join them there for the first weekend.  We planned to meet them after 4PM on Friday, so we had time to stop and rubberneck on the way there.
Along the way, we stopped to see Third Haven Meeting House of the Society of Friends,  in Easton.  It is the oldest frame house of worship in the United States, built in 1684.  An extension was added in 1797, and  in 1990, a major renovation included brick foundation.

The wooden benches had wooden nails.

The new brick meeting house was built in 1880.

In St. Michaels, we stopped to visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. This had several buildings as well as outside displays.

A drawbridge marks the entrance of the museum

Among other displays, the 1879 Hooper Strait Lighthouse,

crab display at Waterman’s Wharf,

and a tugboat  display were all interesting and fascinating.

There was also an annual boat show going on at the museum, with several beautiful boats on display.  I was awed by these carved wooden fish, painted with gold.

The condo Dan and Susan had was right on the bay with great views from the balcony.

We had a great time of relaxation and eating!  

Last year when we were in the Baltimore area,  I was intrigued by the “Fractured Prune” donuts… no prunes in them, last name is Prunella!  So we got some on the boardwalk.  They were very good with unique flavors. They hand dip the icing when you order.

We enjoyed the Boardwalk, 

the ambiance of the beach area,

and the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum 

that included stories of historic families, and antique boardwalk rides,

and a display of one of my favorite souvenirs, sand from around the world!!

The following weekend, they came over to Baltimore and spent time with us.  
We visited Fort McHenry on Friday afternoon after they arrived.

It was during War of 1812, Francis Scott Keyes was on a ship off Fort McHenry when he began to write the words of the poem that later became the national anthem, Star Spangled Banner.  We were honored to be able to participate in the changing of the flag.
The flag that was brought down was huge……40×60!

We drove through downtown Baltimore, passing a memorial to George Washington.  

On Saturday, we went to Gettysburg.  It did not cease to amaze me, again!

Paul thought he needed to take care of Abe!

Although we have visited both sites before, it was fun to go with them and we were able to glean more information and appreciation for our history as a nation. (Previous blog about both of these, Baltimore in Oct. 2012, and Gettysburg in Sept. 2011).
We are now on our way home for a month.  We will be leaving the motor home in Chattanooga tomorrow for the needed repair from the accident a month ago!  The cracks in the windshield have traveled over the glass, and the mirror is barely usable now, covered with tape to keep it attached!!  🙂 Didn’t have bailing wire, otherwise I am sure Paul would be using it!!

MMAP June 2013, CEF Week 3, Windsor Mills, MD

It is always fun during the last week to see all of the jobs coming together and seeing them completed. 

Bobby, Paul’s buddy, worked hard cleaning up after all of us.

Byron finished the porch roof this week.  He is using it to rest before coming down!
 Paul put a metal flashing over the bricks seen here.  Sorry, no after picture.

I reluctantly climbed the ladder above the stairs to paint the top part of the walls in the stairwell.  Nothing like depending on the Lord to hold me up!

My painting buddies, Lois and Lois (not pictured 🙁 ), did the paint rolling on the lower part.  We put on two coats of paint!

What a sense of accomplishment once it was completed!  

Byron and Lois finished the tile and grouting in the bathroom.

A local volunteer came and helped with several different jobs, including working with Dave installing the sink in the bathroom.  He also installed the towel rack and the toilet paper holder. But  I did not get a picture of the ongoing work!

But the end result looked really good.

I followed Paul around as he installed molding and chair railing, using the caulking gun, caulking the molding and doing touchup paint on it in the closet, staircase, bathroom and conference room.

Paul and I installed the light fixtures in the conference room after Byron and Paul put up the T-bars for the drop ceiling.  Then Paul wired them all.  Bobby instructed Paul on which way the bulbs went in….. did you know there is and up side and a down side to the flourescent tubes? Bobby was a delight and kept us laughing.

The ladies had painted the room with a coat of paint but it took touchups, so it was almost like putting on a second coat!
Byron installed the flooring, with help from Dave

We and the Goodmans worked on Friday after the official job was complete on Thursday to tie up the loose ends and finish up.  So glad we did…..
The completed room looks fantastic!  

Thursday evening one of the host couples from the project made us a fantastic dinner.  These are dedicated people, working to win children to the Lord!  But I don’t have pictures of everyone at the office, or out in the field at the schools!  We praise God for all of them and the work they do!

MMAP June, 2013, CEF Week 2, Windsor Mills, MD

The team for this project is small, with three couples.

We have worked with both of the other couples before, so it is nice that the friendship is already established.  Since ladies are not required to work, it is nice to have other ladies that like to work as well.
During the second week, the new roof was finished as well as the repair of the leak and subsequent repair of the wall.

The ladies finished painting the bathroom and the conference room

including the molding and chair railing.

Paul removed the carpeting and upgraded the electrical outlets, switches and will be installing lighting fixtures in the conference room.

Dave and Bobby worked on replacing the doors on a shed.

Byron began installing tile in the bathroom.

Each week, we ladies took a “ladies day out”.  
The first one, we heard about an outlet mall in Leesburg, VA, about an hour and half away. It was all about the journey on this trip.  It was beautiful going through the country 
and small towns.  We stopped for breakfast on the way, then had lunch at the mall.  On the way home, we stopped at a couple of antique stores we had passed on the way.
The second one, we went to Sykesville.  This town is about 25 minutes away and we passed it on the way to Leesburg, and saw it had a teahouse. 
We made the reservation for noon, but arrived at 10 so we could check out the stores.  None were open until 11, though, so we window-shopped until they opened.  The tea was fantastic!  We had so much fun!

After eating, we went into a hair salon to get haircuts and the proprietor, who was in the middle of coloring a client’s hair stepped up to us and told us as we entered and told us  it was by appointment only.  Then she said she could cut one.  So Lois stayed, and the “other” Lois and I took our bags to the car (we HAD to buy cupcakes and scones to take home!)  When we got back, Lois was laughing….. the gal had told her she was afraid of us when we entered, because the week before there was  three women who were robbing the stores in town!!  She figured she could take on the Lois’s, but not “The Tall One” (yours truly!!) She then told us they had been arrested.  My mouth just opened and I told her we escaped!!  We then remembered the sheriff following us into one of the stores and was just shooting the breeze with the clerk for a couple of minutes, then left.  Reminded me of Julialn.
This gal told us he was probably checking us out!~ It was so funny, we laughed all the way home!
The time goes so fast!  We only have a week left!

MMAP, June 2013, CEF Windsor Mills, Maryland

What an exciting way to start our project!!  Sunday morning we attended Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown, MD, that was having a Good News Club (Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF)) Appreciation Day!
They are currently sponsoring two schools, one for the past three years, and one just this year.  The principal and the assistant principal of the newest school are both Christians.  The assistant principal spoke for a couple of minutes, as did a parent, a student, a volunteer, and our own Dr. Martha Wright,  director of the Maryland CEF.  The church’s vision is to sponsor a club in 10 schools within the next 5 years!!  To see a church so excited about serving in the community and bringing children to Christ was an encouragement.

CEF was started in 1937 by a retired farmer who saw the need for children to hear the gospel and be given the opportunity to accept Christ.  It has grown to be an international mission in  208 countries, focusing on a current goal to establish active ministry in 13 more countries by 2017.
One country visited by CEF missionaries was Argentina.  A Christian teenager there attended training classes and started a club, leading 5 boys to Christ in the first 5 days!  From there, he started street meetings, youth conferences, and radio program.  His name?   Luis Palau.  He still uses the basic tools and simple principles in his ministry today according to the forward of the biography of the founder, Jesse Overholtzer.  Pretty impressive how the Lord used a simple, unobtrusive farmer, to reach the world.  
Last year was the first time MMAP had a project here.  The priority was completely remodeling and finishing a basement room.  We were able to accomplish this, and  shortly after we left, new carpeting and tile were installed.  They have been using it since as a training room.  On the first Saturday after we arrived they were doing a training with 20 high school students.

The priority this year is a new roof.  No one remembers ever having had a roof put on, but they are experiencing leaks in various places.  Since the roof is most likely at least 30 years old, it is time!

Weather dictated when the guys could work on the roof.  Between the heat and rain, they only got one side almost completed, during this first week.
In addition to the roof, the bathroom remodel was the second priority.  This was on last years list, but did not get done.  This included removing and replacing the sink and toilet,
and the linoleum,

The ladies worked on removing  the wall paper

The conference room remodel was also on the list for this year.  The guys moved most of the heavy furniture of the room. These shelves were  upstairs in the conference room, and have now been set up downstairs after painting.  

We ladies installed the material on the drawers matching the valances on the drawers last year.

Then we (the ladies!) filled holes and sanded the walls, prepping the room by covering the windows and doors, ready for the texturing.  It was textured, and now ready to paint on Monday!

With all of these jobs going on, an unexpected job came up that took high priority!
The day after we arrived, Martha told us about finding the powerpoint projector in the closet above the staircase, covered with mildew and moisture.  On close inspection, this is what Paul found…..

The closet is located above the bottom of the staircase, and when it rained, it was a constant flow of water coming down onto the staircase. 
So Paul was assigned to find out what the problem was. 
He found the downspout was plugged up, and the water was going straight down into the flashing between the metal siding and the brick.  Sixteen feet of sheetrock and insulation had to be removed form the closet and staircase.  The plate and studs had disintegrated due to wet rot and had to be removed and replaced, as well as moisture barrier and wet insulation. 
Paul sealed the inside where the bricks met the siding, cleaned it out with bleach, installed new insulation and moisture barrier, and then installed new studs and drywall!  
With periodic downpours, Paul moved his saw under the 5th wheel so he could continue to saw!
He spent two days so far on the emergency repair work, with at least another day and a half away from the planned work.
Martha’s favorite saying this week was “you have come for such a time as this!!”
The Lord is good in providing the repairs before they caused even worse damage to the structure.
And ALL THIS in the first four days!!!

Virginia Vacation

We took a week for vacation on the way to our Maryland MMAP project, stopping at
the  towns of Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg, with battlefields during the Revolutionary War; and the towns of Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg, battlefields during the “War of Northern Aggression”.
Jamestown had a beautiful setting, being on an island in the James River (the English name for it).  This is now a national park.  
The James Fort was built in 1607.  It was the first permanent English colony in the New World.

A dedication ceremony to commemorate the 300th anniversary in 1907, included the building of the Tercentenary Monument, as well as the Memorial Church.  

Three churches have been built prior to this one on this same site, with foundations still exposed.

The church tower was built in 1600’s.

A lot of excavation has been going on since 1994.  Dr. William Kelso began the project, and is still involved in the current excavation projects.  Little did I know when I took this picture, that this was the man himself!

Some bodies have been found buried in the state house.  It is thought they wanted to hide the number of how many had been killed from the Indians, so they did not know the numbers were dwindling.

A highlight was being able to see two eagle babies, eight weeks old.  You can see their heads together on the left of the 14 year old nest.  We saw them more clearly through a telescope, 

Nearby, Jamestown Settlement, is  a museum of 17th century Virginia.

It included a replica of an Indian village 

and an exact replica of the settlers village

There are also full-sized replicas of the three ships that brought the settlers.
The Susan Constant


and Discovery

We drove through the battlefield of Yorktown, discovering how much the French helped out the new settlers.

We stopped in town, walked along the bordwalk, and stopped to have brunch,
a great crab omelet!

Then visited the Yorktown Victory Center, a Museum of the American Revolution.

They staged a reenactment of the firing of a cannon.

Main Street was quite a walk up from the bay

A memorial was at the end of the main street,

which also had a lot of the original homes, 

as well as this customs house
The day we visited Williamsburg, it was raining off and on.  But it was still warm, and we had a great time.  We took the tour of the Govenor’s palace

It was so ornate!!

and the House of Burgesses

We walked through the town.

 and toured the Goal, the jail along with the home of the jailer.

We also enjoyed some  demonstrations; 
Martha Washington visiting,
General LaFayette delivering the news of British surrender at Yorktown

and former slave, GowanPamphlet, shared his vision for the black Baptist church.

We ended the day by having dinner at the Kings Inn Tavern and enjoyed both the food and the ambiance.

Within 17 miles, there are sites of four horrendous battles.  We only had time to see two of the battlefields.
To be at the site of a battlefield where you could really see the contour of the land and imagine the troops on each side, facing each other, is an amazing experience.  This was one of those places.  In the picture it is hard to see the contour.  The hand-to-hand and close fighting along with the Union attacks testing the Confederate line for several days, known as “the Mule Shoe” salient and the Bloody Angle, made this a particularly hard battle. 

It took me by surprise when I read this was a monument in honor of the Union soldiers.

Confederate cemetery  

It was also easy to visualize the sunken road and the battle that raged along it.

In the end, the soldiers were human.  This monument honors a young Confederate soldier who gave water to a fallen Union soldier.

The interior of a house along the road still shows bullet holes on the door and wall

The battle here dealt a painful blow to the Union army.  For eight union loses, there was one confederate.
A monument named Union General Meade, known as Meade’s Temple.

Confederate soldiers used the railroad in front of it as cover.
Outside of town, the Chatham Manor is now offices for the National Park Service. 
It was built by Mrs. Robt. E. Lee’s grandparents.  We learned of the history and stories of the families that lived there.

We enjoyed learning and seeing the history of the area. Seeing an area known for its history makes it come alive. 

Our last day of vacation!  We planned nothing outside the rig. It rained off and on, and Paul was able to work on some plumbing issues, get some reading done, and relax a bit, while I spent most of the day on the computer!  We are now in  Maryland ready to start our MMAP project on Monday morning.