Philadelphia, PA

On Tuesday following Memorial Day, we moved on to New Jersey, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, first home of our capital.

We decided Philadelphia has the worst traffic, and is the hardest place to maneuver around; and we were in the Jeep!  In spite of that, we thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Independence National Historic Park. We needed a timed ticket to visit the Independence Hall, so we visited the visitor center, which now houses the Liberty Bell.

It was a highlight to actually see the icon of freedom, the Liberty Bell.  It was a lot smaller than I had imagined it to be.


During the Revolutionary War, Congress met in Philadelphia, the largest and richest city in America at the time. It became the temporary capital until the capital in DC was completed, 10 years later.

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The tour also included Congress Hall where I was sworn in as president, in the same spot George Washington was sworn in for his second term, and I did not even have to show my birth certificate!!dscn4693a
and the Great Essentials, an exhibit of the countries most valuable papers:  The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Articles of Confederation.  But the pictures I took came out too blurry to see.  This picture I got off the park service site.
We were disappointed the Second Bank of the United States was closed the day we were there.  It houses a Portrait Gallery of presidents as well as others from the revolutionary period.


Not only is Philadelphia the home of the Second Bank, but it is also home of the First Bank of the United States, established in 1791. The building was built in 1797.
The Quaker Meeting House was located just across the street from Benjamin Franklin’s grave.
The closest home on this row of houses was once occupied by John and Dolley Todd until his death.  She later married future president James Madison.
So close to Washington’s Crossing and Valley Forge, we visited them as well:  Until next Blog…..

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