Vacation, playing and working!

I decided I have been having too much fun to blog.

After getting home in May, June was full of activities.   We celebrated my birthday with Paul at Pancake Pantry for breakfast,


and the “cackling hens” as Andy calls us.  
Connie’s birthday is in May, and since our birthdays are close, we celebrate ours together, this year at Mere Bules.   
Yes, normally I do not share pictures of food, but the pancakes especially were special!
Then we left for our semi-annual June trip to Coronado to enjoy the sun and fun on the beach. 

We flew out a week early to be able to see friends and relatives before meeting up with family at Coronado.  
Our dear friend, Gary Plueger, passed away on my birthday, and we were fortunate to be able to attend his burial while in Julian, an unofficial time of remembrance for us.  His memorial service was later in the month so we would  miss it.  At the last minute, Paul was honored to be one of the pallbearers.  Because Gary did not want a graveside service,  there were just a handful of people there who wanted to say goodbye.  We love the informal, old ways of doing things in Julian.

We had a great time visiting dear friends there, and were reminded of how short time here on earth is.
We were able to spend a couple of days with our oldest grandson, taking him to Old Town, San Diego,

and to a climbing wall he visits weekly.  We were impressed with his skill as we watched him climb to the top!

Then we headed north,  stopping along the way for more visits, and then to Redlands, catching up with Paul’s side of the family, sister Betty, aunt and uncle, and cousins.
At Coronado, we visited with my sisters and in-laws

then later in the week some of their kids and grands, 

A great surprise was a visit with an old friend of our family who was in San Diego.  She and her husband live in Washington, and I have not seen her since childhood!   She made the very true comment that she remembered playing with Barbies every time we got together!   Her parents and ours were friends in Canada, before either moved to S. CA. so there is a longtime connection!

We had a great time, but we felt we needed another vacation after the whirlwind of visiting!  

We got back in time to celebrate 4th of July at Nate’s house, always a fun, exciting celebration!

and Tegan’s 5 year old, “Frozen” themed, birthday party,

and had sleep-overs,  and made Frozen hats, and

and went swimming with the grands.

One of our stops while in CA was our rental in Borrego.  

We have owned it for 28 years, but It has been made clear to us it is time to let it go.  We love the place, but know that we will never live in it ourselves, and it is too difficult to manage from across the country.  Hence, after coming home for a few weeks, Paul left in the jeep to return to CA to work on it and prepare it for selling.  He will try to do 6 months of work in 2 months!  He is making progress, but between the 100+ tires, cleaning up the trash (4 trash bins worth) left by the former tenant,

replacing and repairing plumbing, 

 bathroom remodel,

and Kitchen remodel

and up to 113 degree weather, he is needing to stop when his body says to slow down.  He has found a young man who is willing to work and he has been an encouragement to Paul, digging for the exterior plumbing, roof repair and some of the exterior painting that is needed.

I miss Paul, but I am glad I am not there…. getting too old for heat and dust~!
Besides,  when my sister Susan found out I was alone, she suggested a road trip.  So off we went ….. next blog will detail our adventure!!

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