MMAP Kentucky Mountain Bible College, Jackson, TN, April, 2014

Kentucky Mountain Bible College is in the Appalachian mountains in eastern Kentucky near Jackson.  We were here two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the project.
This ministry prepares students for the mission field.  Every student we talked to had a focus on missions.  Besides being a college, we found it has a true heart for helping those in need and the result is the college also serves as a haven where challenges are being shared, support is being given and love abounds.  The ladies were asked to share at an informal get together of female staff members who meet weekly to share, laugh and visit with each other.  It was a great time of fellowship.
When we were here two years ago, the project was to re-plumb, insulate and sheet  rock in the home being renovated for the new head of facilities.  We were invited to see the finished home, and it was unrecognizable!  It came out so well, and some additional changes were made in the layout to accommodate the family.
We were privileged and blessed to return! We had a great crew~ Everyone worked hard.
We had the muddiest parking spot, but we also had the best view!

This year, the project included finishing the upstairs on one side of a duplex.  The family who will be moving in was so excited, the visited us everyday to see progress.

It had already been sheet rocked and painted, so MMAP installed the doors,

made some small doors to attic storage in each room (a total of 5);
added duct air return, and installed ducts and vents for HVAC in bathroom and living room.
We ladies painted baseboard and door trim prior to installing 

but it still needed caulking and touchup after install so another coat was added, plus two (and some needed three) coats were painted on all of the doors,

and the staircase wall also got a coat of paint.
The bathroom needed backer board and tile as well as installation of toilet, sink and cabinet, light bar, mirror and towel bars. Bob did such a great job on this floor, he got to do another floor in an entry hall. Although I do not have a completed picture, Bill worked hard at getting the toilet, sink and cabinet, light bar, mirror, and towel bars installed.  The finished room was  very professional, clean and modern looking!
Installation of all of the outlets and switches were finished, along with fans, lights and smoke detectors being installed.
When John, our contact at KMBC found out Paul could do electrical, they had him move a power line that almost touched a metal roof.  It was attached to a long-time temporary pole, and was very unsafe.  

He could not have done it without the Skytrack and Art’s help

Ladies were asked to deep clean two trailer homes recently vacated to prep for upcoming conference and then they will be used as residences for staff and married students.  It took longer than I expected because we cleaned every surface, including  windows, walls, cupboards and carpet.  We finished cleaning the carpet in the morning, and they moved in beds that afternoon and it was used that week for another volunteer work group on campus. 
Paul and Art had so much fun with the Skytrack while doing the electrical work,  they used it to help fall some trees that were dead and in danger of falling on a nearby home.    They fell seven trees that were about 60-75’ high.   
All the guys got involved and I think they all enjoyed “playing in the woods” way too much!

Everyone got to help!  In the process they got the Skytrack stuck in the leach field below, but fortunately were able to get it unstuck very quickly!
Besides the work, the project held some good memories:
Ladies day out, we went to the small historic town of Hindman.  It is home to the Appalachian Artisan Center.  It included three different buildings with crafts made locally.  The most interesting to all of us was the studio where building and repairing wooden instruments is taught. Guitars, dulcimers, banjos of different woods were displayed.  We were treated to a tour and felt like we were experts by the time we left;  we were given more information than we could ever use!
and the Settlement School
So far, out of three jobs this year, this is the second one where it snowed!

It didn’t last long, but it was fun to see.  We were just thankful it was not snowing the day we left!
Paul surprised me with beautiful roses for our 42nd anniversary.  Kentucky Blue and White~

And after a worshipful service, on Easter Sunday we went to the Natural Bridge State Park and enjoyed their lunch buffet

Again, we feel so blessed to be able to work and serve in this capacity!

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