MMAP February 2013, Smithville, TX

This month, we are working at a camp, Wilderness Ridge, that burned during the fires in 2010 near Austin, Tx.  It reminded us of how Julian looked after the fires there!

All but two structures burned….

The Gazebo at the lake

and the eating pavilion were the only structures that survived.

And they were on the opposite sides of the camp!

The fire must have been moving fast.  It is strange what does and does not burn.  This tractor has one tire that did not burn!  

They saved what was left of the melted engine block from a four-wheeler to show how hot the fire was!
There were plenty of RV sites, and along with MMAPers, a group of NOMADS were parked here as well.  They are helping in the community.
Just two miles down the road, the camp is leasing another campground, which they are upgrading so they can resume their schedule of camps, until they can rebuild. 
The main ministry and vision for the camp is to encourage boys to become responsible young men.  They have built a couple of villages that have four sleeping shelters with bunk beds.
The job Paul was assigned was running the electrical underground to each of the villages, the pool shed and shower house.

Others built the pool shed
and laid tile in the shower house.

The women made valances for the dining hall

and painted bunkbeds

as well as one of the bathrooms.
And periodically, a few of us walked the two miles back to the rigs at lunchtime.
And of course, we ate……we had a weiner roast one evening, and a baked potato bar for valentines day, (both of which I forgot the camera! If I get pictures from someone else, will post) and went to a great steakhouse “down the road aways” in Winchester.
As usual, the first two weeks went very fast!  We only have one more week, then we will head home for a few months.

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