MMAP, Jan. 2013, Scottsville, TX, week 3

Our last week at Scottsville went fast.  We got our group picture taken,

the guys installed insulation,

the formed bathtub,

and sheetrock,
and taped and “mudded” the walls.

 The ladies continued to help in the kitchen as well as clearing the volleyball court of weeds.

We ate well,

and had great fellowship.    

And I even tried a new recipe and made King Cake.
Paul and I stayed an extra couple of days in order to finish up the “mudding” and final sanding, 

and Paul sprayed on the texturing!
It came out pretty nice!
Not content to leave prior to getting the cabin to a certain point, Paul decided since 
we still had a half a day,  he would reinstall the plumbing.
Tomorrow, we will leave Scottsville.  It has been a privilege to work here. 
It is an amazing privilege as we travel, and see all of the ministries across the U.S. doing the 
Lord’s work,  to be such a tiny part of them……Thank you, Lord!

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