MMAP Jan. 2013, Scottsville Nazarene Camp, Scottsville, TX

January has us working with MMAP at Scottsville Nazarene Camp, Scottsville, TX. 
The project for the month is to completely renovate a duplex cabin into a single room with a bath and sitting area. 
This is the before, or shortly after starting, picture:
After removing doors and windows, this picture also shows the blue cottage next door, which was remodeled last year.
The plan was to remove the ceiling and wall sheetrock, as well as the interior walls.


Like any renovation, there is the unexpected.
When walking in the floor was like a sponge, and while removing the bathroom fixtures, the water heater fell through the floor. 
Due to excessive rot,  foundation and floor joists needed to be replaced

The front wall was also infested with dry rot, so the entire front stoop and the entire front of the building needed to be removed, leaving only the three walls and roof~

The two side walls were raised by using three hydrolic jacks, and posts and beams. 

The front wall was rebuilt, with new dual glazed windows and front door.

Paul ran new breaker box and all new electric wire and switches

and took siding from another cabin scheduled for demolition, which
was repurposed onto the front of the project cabin.
The ladies cleaned; major scrubbing of the chairs in the dining hall, and deep cleaning in the kitchen
The first week was REALLY Cold!  Then the second week got REALLY, REALLY cold! 
Complete with sleet, and  icicles!

Some random shots of the camp:

This one says it all:

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