June out and about!

The last week of June, into July, we met up with my other sister, Barbara and husband John, at the Thousand Trails in Hohenwald, TN.  They have been checking out Civil War sites all over the southeast and are now in our area.
Nate and Chris came out on their “weekend”, Wednesday and Thursday, to visit with  Barbara and John, and introduce them to DJ.
(And I introduced DJ to muffins! )
Karyn and Andy came out to see them over the weekend.  Andy rode his bicycle the whole 65 miles from their house in prep for his triathalon.  
Hailey was excited to get to sleep in a tent. 

We were there during the week before the 4th and on Saturday night, Thousand Trails hosted a festival.  There was music, booths  and Hailey’s favorite, the water slide. 
Tegan was content to go in the swimming pool.
When it got dark, there was a great ($15,000) fireworks display,  
(I have not learned how to take a picture of fireworks that shows up well.)
From there we took many day trips, despite the 3-digit, record-breaking  temperatures!
Fort Donelson, where the North’s first major victory of the Civil War, led by General Grant.
Because the Confederate soldiers were not moved to the National Cemetery, they are honored by this monument.

Fort Donelson National Cemetery, established in 1866.  Bodies of Union soldiers were located and reburial began in 1867.  Confederate soldiers were not moved to this cemetery, but remain buried on the battlefield.
Fort Donelson Dove Hotel: the surrender house.  This hotel stands as the only original existing structure where a major Civil War surrender took place.  The historic meeting was between Confederate General Buckner (for whom the road beside our house is named!) and Union General Grant.
We also stopped to check out Bear Springs Furnace 
and Fort Waverly, that was built to protect the railroad line that connected the Union supply depot 
On our return, we drove through Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.  I have heard of it before, but had never been there.  It was quite an interesting place to visit, a bit commercialized, but inviting and well done.

Another day, we went to Stones River, in Murfreesboro.  At this battle, each side lost nearly one-third of its men.  The Union success here shifted the war’s aim from restoring the Union to remaking the nation.

And the accompanying National Cemetery.

We visited Lawrenceburg, (where the closest Dairy Queen is) and the statue of David Crockett
and surrounding amish country
Nashville antiquing was also on the list, so we found out where the Antique Archeology store was, owned by TV’s American Picker, Mike Wolf.

We were slightly disappointed there were not more antiques for sale; antiques that were there were for display.  It was more of a memorabilia/gift store.  We were told he was having a hard time keeping up with demand.  It was still fun to find the store and go through the building. We visited some other antique stores while in the area as well.
We visited Pulaski one day, wanting to see the statue commemorating Sam Davis, a young confederate soldier  executed in Pulaski, by the Union for spying.
The  back road scenery was enjoyable!

We came back home on the 3rd, in time to go to Nate’s house for his second annual 4th of July potluck.  We had purchased fireworks while in Indiana.  Although Spring Hill banned them this year due to the drought and subsequent dryness, it was still legal in Columbia!!  So we got to enjoy another show (definitely not $15,000 worth!).
Time was too short, but we enjoyed our time with family.  Lots of memories over the past month to get us to the next time we get together!

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