Jumpin’ June

Wow, it has been a couple of months since I have blogged.  Just because we came home from our MMAP trip, doesn’t mean we stayed home!!
June:  We got home after being gone three months, so had to catch up with grandchildren here in TN, DJ


and Hailey and Tegan.

We celebrated my birthday at PF Changs,

and then I got to go to Reno for my nephew’s wedding, with a “layover” in Orange County, CA to visit son Aaron and family!

Paul stayed home, so I got to have all of the fun!
At Aaron and Alicia’s, I had special time with Brayden at the swing set,
a tea party with Kayla in her play house,
and watched a movie with just Bubba!
We spent time at the pool,
and I was able to go to their school open house!

Then my must do…….spend time at the beach!!

Thanks again for the memories, Voss’s! 
At  Reno, Andrew’s wedding marked the last of that generation to get married!  It was a relaxed, yet formal, fun yet serious wedding.  They make a cute couple!

It was fun to celebrate with them and visit with family!  I spent a few extra days in Susanville, and Susan gave me the grand tour of the town, 

and took a walk in the park located across from them.

It was fun getting CA grandkid time, getting my beach fix, spending time with my sister and seeing everyone!
While I was gone, Paul had time to complete a couple of projects at home that he has had in mind:
A John Deere swing set, which he built from scratch.  He has since added a tractor seat that we found later in the month while checking out antique stores.  We also have a bench seat, so it is interchangable depending on the age of the child.

and trellis for the wondering wisteria!  The wisteria is now  grown to four feet above the trellis!!
When Paul finishes the pergala on the deck, I will post the growth!
Next blog, the rest of June…….

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