Israel! Gospel Triangle and Sea of Galilee

Our day started with visiting what is referred to as the “Gospel Triangle”. It includes the towns of Capernaum, Korazim, and Bethsaida.
Capernaum was Peter’s hometown and the base for the Lord’s Galilean ministry. He performed more miracles here than at any other single place.

Outside of the synagogue, black stone can be seen as the original layer; the second time it was built with white stones

Luke 7 refers to this synagogue as built by a Roman centurion!

This church was built over Peter’s home. We were there during a service so were unable to see inside.

Korazim was the next town we visited

the Mikva, a ritual cleansing bath would have been covered with a wooden building.

The Temple looked like it was impressive

with replica of the stone column that held the Torah

and replica of the seat of Moses

and Bema stone, used for public reading of Torah

Bethsaida has only been partially excavated by the University of Nebraska for the past 20 years. So far they have not found the Synagogue.

As we walked, we saw the Jujuba tree. This tree has thorns, thought to be used in the crown of thorns.

At the entry of the city, the standing stone, a Bull, is the moon god

This is the traditional site where the possessed swine ran into the Sea of Galilee in Mark 5. It is the only place along the sea where there is a hill.
We had lunch, which included soup, salad, Tilapia fish, and dessert, at En Gev, on the Sea of Galilee

While there, we saw five Huckabee tour buses, although we did not actually see him

After lunch, we loaded the boat

and crossed the sea to our hotel at Ginosar

Tiberias through the clouds

A view of Kibbutz Ginosar from the sea

and museum next door, which houses an ancient boat.

The boat ride was a great way to end a beautiful day!

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