Back to Gettysburg

We decided to stay at Rhodes Grove for a couple of days after the project was complete, and were able to go back to Gettysburg (yes, again, for the fourth time!) to complete our visit there.

President Eisenhower’s farm is adjacent to the battleground and the only home he and Mamie owned. While there it POURED down rain! He raised Black Angus, developing them into a better breed.

We were able to take picture inside, without a flash. It looked like they were still living in the home.
Living room,



favorite room (the enclosed porch),

and study.

We did not get to tour the rest of the farm, since the paths were really muddy and had turned into rivers!! The land is so saturated from hurricanes Irene and especially Lee, the water just flows.
On the way back to the visitor center, the bus driver opted not to try to ford the road
This is the view out the front of the bus,

and this is out the side of the bus!

and backed up about 1/4 mile. I got a great picture of the back of the home though!

For lunch we wanted to eat at the Springhouse Tavern, located in the basement of the historical Dobbin’s House, one of the first buildings in Gettysburg.

But we had to wait for about a half hour while they mopped up 6 inches of water that came in when the spring overflowed during the downpour.
It was worth the wait, and it really was a unique place.

The spring is just to the right of the rock wall in this picture.

We were able to look into it through a small window in a locked door.

and followed the stairs up to where they used to hide runaway slaves!

We also took the opportunity to visit the National Cemetery that we were too tired to see on our previous visit.

More monuments, including this one honoring Lincoln

and this monument to the New Yorkers who were in the battle, which is on the site where Abraham Lincoln gave his famous address.

On the way back, we passed this covered bridge, built in 1852, and used by both confederate and union soldiers.

The river below it was really high

We also passed “Pumpkin trees”,

Caledonia State Park, with the furnace

and blacksmith shop.

And a unique barn with antique advertising.

And Paul had some fun “taking care of business” in the RV.

First, repairing the washer/dryer combo….a job in itself getting it out of the closet! The part arrived, but not installed yet!

During one of the storms, the television was hit by lightening, so that was another challenge, to get it out of the box.

He wasn’t too upset, since it meant getting a new, larger screen! He will be doing some remodeling when we get home!

Next month, the first Friday is later in the month, giving us two weeks between projects. We plan to spend a few more days in Pennsylvania, to the northeast of here, before moving out of the state, and on to New Hampshire!

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