MMAP Rhodes Grove, PA, week 2

We just finished our second week renovating the cabins.
Warren repaired screen doors and painted,

Ashley painted,

Dennis cut boards

Paul nailed the boards as kleets for support of the one inch pinewood siding that will be installed.

I don’t think the two cabins that are receiving the majority of the work will be completely done, since some of the siding will not be available, but they will be closer than when we began. We have also been painting and doing window repair on some of the other cabins.

Some of the ladies washed walls, I painted doors and trim, and the day before a ladies tea, we all helped put ribbon on the favors, a small hanging ornament that is cinnamon scented and teapot shaped.

The camp sponsored the tea for ladies, and we were invited to attend. It was a great, relaxing time.

I may have gained back a few pounds, but oh, so worth it!
In addition to the cabins, Rhodes Grove includes a three-story hotel facility with a large kitchen, dining room, and meeting rooms as well as 30 hotel rooms;

other cabins that are dorm style on the interior;

a gym with dorm rooms on each side, one for women and one for men;

a swimming pool, (to cold to use)

a playground,

and pergolas in different areas, with this one having a great view of the sunset

It is hard to believe there is only one week left. It has been pleasant weather, even with a little rain. The rain actually kept it cooler. After it stopped raining, we had a few nights of sitting around the campfire visiting.

A great “camp” experience!

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