MMAP Rhodes Grove, PA, week 1

Monday, the project began at Rhodes Grove Camp and Conference Center.

And of course the rain began as well!

After almost two weeks of vacation, it was hard to get up early!

The cabins we are working on are really cute, duplexes built in the 1930’s!

The camp is in the process refurbishing these cabins one at a time. Eventually, “our” Maranatha cabin will look like this one that has recently been completed! They look like they are meant for family camp, with a living/kitchen downstairs and

a large bedroom with a couple of beds upstairs

MMAP was assigned Maranatha cabin last month, so some of the work was started and we are continuing that work.

The old linoleum is really classic!

The cabin had a toilet at the top of the stairs with no privacy, just sitting at the top! It was moved, along with plumbing, by MMAPers last month (so no picture of “before”).

Framing was built around the plumbing to conceal it in the ceiling downstairs after moving the toilet.

Paul completed the walls to form a half bath in the room upstairs,

and adding wall panelling.

While Dennis, another MMAPer is doing electrical work, moving outlets and adding switches. The lights have the little chain to turn them off and on.

Ashley and Dennis are repairing windows upstairs in the cabin (downstairs were done last month). Some need glass replacement first. They are working on the broken windows. The rest need up to 90% glazing, and all of them need sanding prep, and painting.

Lots to do here!

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