Mule Days in Columbia, TN

One of the things we love about Tennessee is the down home quality of life. We were pleased to be back for the annual Mule Days Festival held in Columbia, just south of us. People come from all over for this event! For four days, everything is about the mule!

Mule Day started as Breeders Day in the 1840’s, when farmers would gather on the courthouse square during the first Monday in April to sell mules and livestock . It became Mule Days in 1934, when the chamber organized a parade to reinvigorate the event. Mule Day was discontinued in 1950 and then reinstated in 1974 by the Maury County Bridle and Saddle Club. 2011 is the first year the annual mule sale will not be held. However, the schedule of events is packed with mule competitions and shows, with a parade on Saturday. Although we have been to the parade a couple of times, this year was the first year we attended any of the other events.

Friday, we attended the Mule driving show, which included skill driving, and mule hitch. We were impressed by the mules, their sizes, colors, and intelligence! The show demonstrates how well mules work with wagons, as well as their masters. Voice commands work best with mules and it was impressive how well they obey.

Amazing Grace was the highlight for us. Not only was she a very talented mule, her trainer is a born again Christian and started the show with a testimony and made references to the Lord during the show.
Among other things, she paints,

She opens the maibox and gets the mail,

She plays basketball (with an 8-foot high hoop),

She balances on a 12 inch square box,

and she prays!

A second mule in the show, International World Champion in Jumping in 2004 (70 1/2 inches), Missy, showed her talent,

Then Saturday morning we got up bright and early to cheer Nathan and Andy on at the Mulekick 5k Race, sponsored by the YMCA.

At 11, we watched the parade, which highlight mules of all colors and sizes,

but mules are not the only entries in the parade,

And this is the entry that received the most handclapping and cheers!

Proud to be where the people acknowledge and support the American military!!

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