MMAP French Camp Week 3

The last week was busy, finishing up the projects. At the Munger house,
insulation was installed in the kitchen and living room, then sheetrock was nailed up.

Paul worked on the large window, plus two other windows at Moriah dorm, that needed to have casings, jams and molding added after they were installed. They needed building up first since they were not the same size as the openings. Then I caulked and painted. When the boys came home from school they asked if we had painted the wall as well!!

When I was checking out the windows to make sure we had finished them all, I found one more not finished….

When the pastor’s wife heard about the other masonry work on campus, she asked Paul to reset bricks in a couple of places at the church.

During spring break, the tennis courts were resealed, and students were on them as soon as they were back!

It was still not quite warm enough to use the pool, but wanted to show how inviting it is!

A project at French Camp Academy would not be complete without a visit to the Purvice home! Each project, this great couple open their home and have the MMAP team over for food (lots) and entertainment!! This time, it was warm enough to have the party on the front porch!!

On our last night,prior to leaving, our group met up with the MMAP group from Sweet Canaan for a last get together, attending a great, small town theater play, “Dearly Beloved”. Lots of laughs!!

Prior to leaving, we were able to see many trees and bushes in full color, with Spring in full bloom!

It is good to be home, and fortunately, we are far enough north that Spring is in full bloom here and we have not missed out on seeing the first of our trees and bushes in bloom!! We also see lots of work, because the weeds are all coming up as well!

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  1. Wow! What great progress you made in the last week. The sheet rock in the kitchen a livingroom make a huge difference God bless you both

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