French Camp on the weekend!

This weekend, we worked, but we also played!
The Taylors are leaving early and Ashley was making up some time, and Paul wanted to help out, so they worked on the unfinished windows at the Moriah house on Friday. Friday also started spring break for the academy, so it is really quiet.

In Tennessee, there is an abundance of “meat and three” restaurants; in Mississippi, we have found there is an abundance of “seafood buffets”. We joined Milt and Paula for dinner at the Home Plate, a local seafood buffet. It was really good (we liked it better than Guy’s) and even had fried green tomatoes. It was built and is owned by the Astro’s pitcher, Roy Oswalt.

Maintenance staff remembered Paul and his masonry skill from January and three guys tracked him down! There were some other needs on campus that required resetting brick. Paul did not feel right taking his time away from the primary project, so he worked outside the project on Saturday to help them out. And since I am his helpmate, that meant me too. It is fun to work with Paul, he is so enthusiastic about everything he does, and makes it fun…… just like Huckleberry Finn, or was it Tom Sawyer?!!!!

Then Saturday night, we helped Dave celebrate his birthday, with all of us going to Frenchie’s, a barbecue place in Kosciusko,
then had hummingbird cake back at the camp.

On Sunday, after church and the subsequent potluck, Paul followed the dirt road at the end of the blacktop at the Camp of the Rising Son. It took us around the lake, where we saw a beaver dam near the end,

took pictures of some beautiful plants,

and got a great picture of the camp from the other side. The pictures I got in January did not show the size or beauty of the camp, so I was glad for the opportunity to get some better ones.

So we got to explore a bit, have fun, get muddy, and now, Paul is washing the jeep (for the second time today!!).

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