MMAP French Camp Week 1

It felt like coming home when we drove into French Camp last weekend! Just the whole atmosphere here is loving and welcoming!

Bruce had a great smile for us when we got back and hitched a ride in the back of the jeep.
The work on the Munger house is continuing, and we were pleasantly surprised at the progress made. The sheetrock got finished, sanded and painted.
Milt working on tiling the bathroom floors,

Ken working on trimming,
and Dave demolishing the kitchen.
Sometime last month the decision was made to open up the wall and redo the kitchen, dining area and living room area. The first phase that MMAP was asked to do is almost finished. With the fixtures being replaced in the bathroom after the tiling, it will be complete.
Phase two of the construction is now started. A beam was delivered and placed in the attic for the additional support with the wall being removed.
But noone had a camera to get a picture of the forklift!!
In the meantime, Ashley and Paul were asked to work on the Moriah House, a boy’s dorm, replacing windows. The job of replacing 17 windows was started last month.

Two of the windows were about a half an inch to long, so some of the brick needed to be removed.

And I followed them around, caulking around some of the windows and removing the sticky stuff where the stickers had been. Some took a LOT of elbow grease, Goo Gone (I love that stuff) and window cleaner, while others, very little.

I also took time to “play”, continuing my tatting lesson with Regina, who also had us quilting!

We also learned to cut onions, greenpeppers, carrots (I need a new kitchen tool!) and pickles (into a fan!) from Carolyn!

On Thursday night, we ended the work week at Guy’s, meeting up with the MMAPers working at Lexington (Sweet Canaan)

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