MMAP Flovilla, February Week 2

Last weekend, we explored a little and found some very interesting sights! Friday the whole group went to the little town of Juliette….. anybody hear of it? What about the movie made there twenty years ago, Fried Green Tomatoes?
This “wallpaper” made from a seed catalog was in the bathroom at one of the little shops.
We ate lunch at the cafe they used in the movie, the Whistle Stop, and of course had a fried green tomato sandwich.

The barbecue pit,

and homeless Smokey Lonesome’s cabin still there,

and the train station, a gift store

The town buildings were covered with vines and were moved around to make the movie set.

The graveyard, has “honorary headstones” for the movie characters.

Just outside Juliette was Jarrell Plantation. Here the Jarrell family settled and lived for several generations, 140 years, until the property was given to the state of Georgia. It was very interesting to see how they lived in the 1800’s. Not all plantations had big white antebellum homes. This was the house they lived in, built in 1847.

Although they had 39 slaves prior to the Civil War, they still lived very simply. They ran a forge, a cotton gin, a grist mill, and a saw mill, all run by the steam engine.

With multiple endeavors, they survived when the cotton weavil devastated the crops, along with other natural disasters.
Sherman’s March to the Sea came right through this farm as well, burning the buildings, except for the house. After the war, the family rebounded, bought more acrage, bringing the total up to 1000 acres.

On Saturday, we visited Uncle Remus Museum. Eatonton was where Joel Chandler Harris, creator of Uncle Remus and various critters, was born and raised.

His museum was constructed from three slave cabins, that also survived Sherman’s March, because they were originally located beside a Masonic Lodge. They were moved to the present site in 1963.

About an hour drive to the east of us, we visited two Indian mounds, Rock Eagle Effigy Mound, which is 120 feet from head to toe, and 102 feet from wingtip to wingtip. Notice the size compared to the people walking near the head!

The vertical height is 8 feet. The rocks in the foreground form the head.

The picture does not show the size adequately. It was amazing to walk around it and get a feel for the size of it!

In another park, a few miles away, a second mound, Rock Hawk Effigy Mound was similar, but smaller.

These mounds are somewhat of a mystery, and are thought to be thousands of years old.

Then, back to work on Monday!

It has gotten progressively warmer this week, with the temperature reaching 79 this afternoon. It was warmer outside than in the block building we are working in, even with the heat going full blast!
Some benches needed more repair work and new “feet” were added

We were relieved to get the benches covered with one coat of primer, plus two coats of the latex paint, completing 10, with 7 still needing the second coat of latex.

It really felt like we made a lot of progress this week!

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