MMAP Flovilla, February Week 1

Our first week here is finished, and the guys got six pews sanded! Even though it has been a little frustrating and slow getting into a routine of how best to accomplish the task, it has been a great week.

After trial and error, they found pressure washing did not work out, so old fashioned scraping and hand sanding were the best way to accomplish the task. But it was going so slow, and the power sanders created to much sawdust for inside sanding. The guys looked like walking zombies after the first day, covered with sawdust from head to foot!! But then lead paint became a concern, so they were diverted for a day while the paint was being tested.

Rick and Dennis worked on railing at the snacketeria. Even with their own set of challenges, they finished in one day.

Paul and Jake (a fellow dutchman!) worked on installing an air conditioner (through the wall)

and subsequent weatherizing (insulation, paneling the walls, installing door other than a screen door, and an outside electric outlet) a shed on the side of a restroom facility at the campground.

Due to the high usage and summer temperatures during camp, the wiring gets too hot and kicks off the main breaker. Hopefully, the air conditioning in the room will help prevent that from happening! Now they can cover up the panels. (per code!!)

It was determined that there was no lead paint, and the camp provided a couple more sanders, while Paul and a couple of the others bought more sanders. Having power tools is helping, but they are using a lot of sandpaper. Rick and Dennis were able to get back to sanding on Wednesday. Even though it has been cold, they decided to sand outside, instead of inside, so the dust would blow away. Everyone also has the professional respirator masks now as well!

Since we ladies have not been able to help (Even a second job of painting some old refrigerators cannot be done with the temperature being in the low 40’s!) we decided to have our ladies day out the first week and thus be available when the painting can be done. Hopefully the temperatures will raise to the normal low 60’s next week! We drove over to Monticello, named after Thomas Jefferson’s home.

It is about 20 miles away. The lure it had for us were the old, beautiful homes. We ate lunch, planned our route to tour the town’s historic district and got some pictures of some of the historic homes.

Our guide, Judy, the director’s wife, took us to Flovilla on the way home. The townsite itself has been elusive! We thought we must have blinked along the highway, but it is actually off the highway a couple of blocks and is parallel with the railroad, as many towns are.

Judy and I were able to fill some of the nail holes on Thursday, then sand those spots down, so will be ready to clean and put the first coat of undercoat paint on next week.
We ended the work week with game night, always a fun time….. and true personalities come out. Games are serious business with MMAPers!! It has been a good group to work and play with!

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  1. When I looked at the first pictures I thought that is was one of HOMELESS sleeping and Praying. Bonnie. I can see that you have my love of old homes. Must say that it looks like it is more fun to be with the women on these mission trips.

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