MMAP Flovilla GA

After 5 days on the coast of southern Georgia, we headed west to Flovilla, near Jackson, Georgia. We blinked and missed Flovilla, but did go through Indian Springs, which is to the south about a mile. Cute little historic town with a couple of old buildings, including the old Post Office,

and the 1890 Chapel that was constructed with left over lumber from the Hotel. It closed in 1992.

There is a unique whimsical botanical garden that I am sure is very beautiful in the springtime. At this time of the year, nothing but the pansies were in bloom, (with the Charlotte Weaver Rose Garden in the background)

but it had some cute decorative sculptures, and it was fun to wander through it.

Meanwhile, back at the camp, this will give you an idea of what we are about to embark on:
This is the outdoor pavilion, the Adult Tabernacle, that houses the pews we will be working on. There are two more smaller ones, the Tween Tabernacle, and the Youth Tabernacle. Totally, there are enough pews to seat over 3,000 people.

These are the pews that we will be sanding down, repairing and repainting. They are about one hundred years old! We are responsible for moving them across the street to the cafeteria so we can work indoors, due to the unpredictable weather and temperature fluctuations.

The cafeteria is set up as a work area, with space divided by plastic; one for sanding and repairing, and another area for painting.

So tomorrow we will start, with everyone having several ideas on how to accomplish the task in the most efficient, timely manner!! Several times the job has been started, but for various reasons, the job has not been successfully continued. It will be interesting, and best of all, the Lord will guide and direct us as we begin this daunting task. The board of the camp has no expectation as to how many we will complete, and they expect it to be an ongoing, several-years task. They have said they will be happy with whatever we get accomplished! So, ONE pew at a time :)! We will accomplish what we can with His strength.

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