AZ from the AIR!!

One of the MMAP workers built his own plane and lives here in Payson. He graciously offered to give a ride to anyone interested.
Of course, I like to see EVERYTHING from EVERY angle…so I got a ride Friday morning!!

When we left the airport, we headed northwest, viewing Pine and Strawberry,

saw the Natural Bridge from the air,

followed the Mogollon Rim (since we will not be able to drive it due to the late snow and wet condition)

and of course flew over our camp!

Sorry it is a little blurry…the airplane was leaning. The three white squares on the bottom of the picture are the RV’S, ours being the far left. Just above is the house the ladies worked on and in the forest just above that, a little to the right, is the cabin the guys were renovating. They had a steep hill to climb each day!
This is the part on the trip when he got close to the Mogollon Rim and the GPS Voice warned we were to close, go higher!!

In Payson, the runway, and in foreground, Ponderosa Baptist Church.

What a highlight!! Idid get a little queasy, but did not have to use the plastic baggie!!
One other person took him up on the offer, but the rest were land lubbers. We all had lunch together afterward at the La Sierra Mexican Restaurant.

This group really likes to eat!
After lunch we headed to Pine and Strawberry, seeing the oldest log school house in the state,

and met friends Steve and Gail Wilson, also former Julianites who are now “Zonis”, for dinner. We ate at the Sidewinder Saloon in Pine, an obvious local favorite, even for the local old dog who quietly and slowly went to each table along the wall to see if anyone had anything for him. We had a great time catching up! No picture though…. had to much fun visiting, time slipped by, and then …… okay I forgot!

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