MMAP End of Week 2, Payson AZ

We are almost to the end of our time here in Payson! Time has gone so fast! The guys are seeing progress with the installation of the cabinets, sink and countertop, toilet and sink in bathroom and beginnings of the installation of the shower.
Paul worked on some behind the walls wiring which is not seen, updating old wiring to Romex, as well as install of four overhead lights plus bathroom and outdoor lighting, and changing of three way switches. He also installed the water heater, installed a door to the water heater closet, helped install the tile,

and sanded molding.
The ladies’ house is also progressing with the painting. The walls are all finished, and we are now priming the molding, a slow, tedious job!!

This past weekend we had some real fun. On Easter Sunday, we attended Ponderosa Baptist Church, and saw an announcement about a 4×4 day trip in the bulletin for the following Saturday. So Paul called about it, and we joined the group on Saturday for the all day outing. We each had our silent prayer: Paul, that there would be at least one guy his age, me, that there would be at least one other lady there. Both were answered. There were five other jeeps each with a couple within 10 years of our age!! I would guess we were in the middle age-wise!

The Indian ruins have recently been explored by geologists and have been opened up and will be closing up shortly, after which the geologists will see what impact visitors have had on the unmanned site.
It was a fabulous ride, going into the Ancha Mountains:

4×4 rock climbing a few hundred feet,

having some Christian fellowship while eating a picnic lunch, and hiking about a mile to see some more Salada Indian cliff dwellings.

Fantastic views from the site!
We would not have known about this site without going with this group!
We thank the Lord for the opportunity to have been fortunate enough to visit ruins!!

And the desert blooms were out and gorgeous!

Sunday we went to Phoenix and visited with my nephew, David and his family. We attended church and had lunch and a great visit with them, getting to know his wife, Anna, and 18 month old daughter, Ilse. On the way back, we were reminded of the days we went from Julian to El Cajon for church, and coming back up the hill!

We ended our second week here with a soup potluck and game night on Thursday night.

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  1. You may not believe this but I took my mom on that "Jeep" trail when I had the Trooper. We did not Hike to the ruins, She was 85 at the time, but she talked about the trip all the time. She was thrilled to have gone Four Wheeling at her age.

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