Payson, AZ

We arrived at the Tonto Rim Christian Camp safe and sound late morning on Friday. The rig was sooo dirty after the snow storm, and the weather was nice, so we spent the afternoon cleaning the outside. We could not believe how dirty it was!
On Saturday morning Paul worked on some more minor repairs to the RV, and then we decided to check out the town of Payson. It is larger than I thought it was, but the area reminds us of Julian, with the pines and oaks, but dry. We are about an hour and a half northeast of Phoenix.
We found a city park with a small lake, and lots of people enjoying it! A museum and replica of one of Zane Grey’s homes, where he wrote many of his novels using the area as a backdrop, was also right there.

The original cabin was real close to the location of the camp, about 20 miles out of town. The original house was completely burned during the Dude fire a few years ago. No inside pictures were allowed in either building.

The museum had displays marking the history of the county and the area, and was very informative and interesting.

We had lunch by the lake and decided we had enough time to visit the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park.
The main feature of the park is Tonto Natural Bridge, the world’s largest travertine arch! What an amazing structure!!

View from the top.

It was used by early settlers as a hiding place when raiding Apaches were hunting. An early prospector discovered it in 1877, and he tried to make a go of farming on top of it. Various parties have owned it since, until 1990 when the state of Arizona purchased it. The bridge is 183 ft high, 400 feet long, and 150 feet wide at its widest point.

Pictures do not capture the true size and beauty of this wonder!

Sunday, we went to Easter service at Ponderosa Baptist Church in town, followed by dinner at a local restaurant, Tiny’s, with the rest of the MMAPers. Great food and fellowship!! When we got back, we walked around the camp, and took a trail to see the caves adjacent to the camp. They were fabulous,

and the views of the Mogollon Rim were incredible.

We are excited to start our first day of work here tomorrow, remodeling a kitchen and bath in one of the cabins.

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