Everytime we travel on I-40, we stop to admire the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere which is located in Groom, Texas, just east of Amarillo. The first time we stopped to see it, the 190 foot high cross was the only display on the property. (To comprehend the size of the cross, can you find our RV at bottom left?) Each time we have stopped, more life-sized sculptures, cast in bronze, were added. Now, there are a total of 14 stations, traveling with Jesus to his crucifixion and resurrection, concluding with the empty tomb. In a separate building is a full scale replica of the Shroud of Turin. There is also a pro-life memorial to the unborn aborted babies that is very moving.

Let the pictures and the website speak for themselves. Remember, these are life-sized and cast in bronze!
What a special way to spend Palm Sunday afternoon!

He is Risen…….. He is Risen, Indeed…….AMEN!!

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