MMAP Week 3

It is hard to believe we are beginning our third and final week here at the LUC Boys Ranch. There is so much more to be done.
However, last week there was a group of farmers from all over here volunteering, this week there is a group of Jr. high and high school students from Illinois that come annually in March, as well as a semi-retired plumber and his wife, who come on a frequent, regular basis. (You can imagine, there would always be plumbing issues in a place like this!!)
We have had variety not only in our work, but also in our weather and in our worship on Sunday mornings.
We woke up on Sunday morning to snow barely covering the ground.

Along the road side, we passed trees frozen, just encased in ice; very beautiful, but no picture!
In spite of this, we headed out in the Jeep to worship at the Cowboy Church again. Not many at church, but definitely worth the effort. Among the songs were He Dipped His Pen in my Heart, (one I have always liked!), When He was on the Cross I was on His Mind This one was new to me, one I had never heard, but I loved the words to it.. It made me feel so special that He would have died, just for me! Then, Sweet By and By, Peace in the Valley, and ending with Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot!!

This week, Paul finished up the electrical at the vehicle sales office and then was assigned, with help from another MMAPPer, to add rubber covering to the steps.

He was also asked to tile below the stairs, which he did ALL BY HIMSELF! Monday morning I spent trying to find matching tile, and did not come up with enough of any one color, so one of the staff members came up with more that were similar enough with color tones, and the same size, to use together. I did not realize how many shapes, sizes, colors, finishes and heights tile could come in. The amount of donated tile is amazing; however, frustrating when trying to match them to get enough for a room. But the collage of different tiles looks very good!! The entry hall came out looking wonderful!!

There was no light fixture, just a hanging lightbulb, so Paul rummaged through some stuff and found a light fixture that just gave it the finishing touch!!

He also added trim to and hung a whiteboard for one of the staffers.

And this is the same building my sign was for!!

Yesterday was ladies day out, and today I needed to get a prescription and some supplies for Paul, so was away from the ranch for the better part of the day again. Tomorrow, our last day working here, we ladies will be on lunch prep.
More random pictures of the ranch: Buffalo formerly owned by Dolly Parton for her Dixie Stampede show….sent to the ranch, but was too mean, so he ended up on the wall!!

Every time we entered, these signs greeted us along the road:

(Must have been hung a while ago, cause the ruts need fixin again!)

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