Hats: You are What You Wear

It is a cold, rainy day here today, and Paul is doing some plumbing work on the toilet, cleaning out the tank, doing some general maintenance. My chance to get on the computer and play! Since we are not sightseeing, I decided to show what sights the camp staff has been seeing!
Paul’s hats have come to describe Paul, and have become legend here:
There are the basic, knit winter hats for the cold weather (you know the kind I mean!),
Phone Company hat, for who he was,

The old man hat for who he is,

The traveling ones that describe where he has been, and what he does,

And then there is the casual dress hat, his favorite, most comfortable one,

The “jeepin” hat as we call it, that has been renamed “funky”, “unusual”, “has character”,”needs to be shot”, “world traveled” hat
(that in a nutshell!) really describes him best :)!

And now he has his new “Classy” Hat!!
It took two weeks to decide to bargain for the hat at the Trading Post…. after everyone convinced him it was truly him!! But he is not replacing the jeepin hat, as they thought he might! It just became his new special occasion, formal hat. Watch out Nate and Chris, it may be at your wedding!!
All these, for a man who does not like to wear hats?!

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