MMAP End of the Week 2

As we look back, and with only a week left at this job, (it is hard to believe we left home three weeks ago!!) we are pleased to see there has been progress and accomplishment. At the Trading Post, the guys have done more than what was expected, and that is a good feeling. With the breezeways finished,

they have moved on and are working on a porch over the receiving door,

and the office room, including getting electrical up and running

A couple of the ladies continued to organize and label all of the cans that were donated without labels.

And I continued to clean at the Trading Post after lunch duties were done.

Friday, we picked up some electrical supplies for Paul to finish getting electricity into the new office. Our outing was going to include a show, Tribute to Red Skelton, but when we got there, we found out it was cancelled until September, due to the actor’s health. So we decided to go on up to Springfield again so Paul could see the Grizzly store,

and he got himself a palm nailer and a drill both powered by air.
And I met Tubby from BC, Canada!

On the way there, we stopped at the hospital for Paul to “give blood”, then stopped in a small town, Ozark to check out an antique store advertised along the highway, and of course we could not pass the Russell Stover candy shop without getting some samples!! Later, we checked out Missouri Conservation Park and took a walk on one of the trails, enjoying the beautiful day!! I noticed Springfield seems to have a lot of parks!
We had not had lunch, so decided to stop at Lamberts Cafe, where they “throwed rolls”. Now, that was a highlight, and a true dining experience. First, at 3:00 in the afternoon, on a week day, there was an hour and 15 minute wait!

While we waited, we visited the little strip mall behind it, and just had to take a picture of these raccoons!! Too bad we didn’t think of stuffing the ones we kept chasing out of our yard in Julian… they were over $300 a piece!

Any way, back to Lambert’s! Great music, lots of stuff on the walls, balloons, very festive atmosphere, fantastic food!

The food…. it was almost like a buffet served to you! First they came by with a big pot of fried okra, placing it on your napkin (paper towel). Your dinner included your meat (lots of it), and two sides.
On top of that, servers walked around with fried potatoes, macaroni and tomatoes (interesting, eh? Very good in fact!) and black eyed peas. Another server threw the best rolls!! He had good aim and I even caught both of the rolls he threw to me! (One was for Paul…really!). Facts from Lambert’s: In one year, they serve 13,107 gallons of slaw, 40,800 lbs of white beans, 110,619 lbs of beef, 150,000 of chicken legs and breasts, 61,650 lbs of chicken livers, 1,972,800 little butter patties, and 2,246,400 “throwed” rolls! A fun place to visit and eat!!
There are a lot of thrift stores an antique stores in this area, so on the way back, we checked out another large antique store, and then stopped along the way to take pictures of some of the fingers along Table Rock Lake.

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