LUC Boys Ranch, Week 2

At 7:30 each workday morning, we have devotions, lead by one of the men each morning. Paul wasn’t too keen on doing this, but was convinced he could do it. A fellow mapper asked if he wanted to use a video he highly recommended to all of us to watch. Paul did an excellent job of introducing the session with the song, Precious Jesus, and the story behind it. I am so proud of him.

The video we watched (2 sessions since it was an hour long) was entitled “The Heart of Texas”, a very moving true story of Christ providing forgiveness.
The guys continue to finish the enclosure and walling off an office in part of the building. In order to sell the vehicles and boats, the sales must be completely separate, with a separate office space for processing and monitoring sales. With the cook gone, I have been helping out in the kitchen preparing lunch, and cleaning at the Trading Post, an never-ending job!
Random shots around the ranch:
Welding shop,

One of the barns,

And one of the original buildings,

We were told a story about an itinerant preacher who came through early in the ministry and had a young man with him. He asked if he could leave him there and he would pick him up on the way back through. Ken agreed, letting him stay in this log cabin with another worker. The other worker complained about the man being crazy and was a little afraid of him, so he moved to another building. The young man stayed longer than what was expected, and Ken realized there was a real problem, and he needed to do something with him. He asked a group from church to pray with him over this man. They did so, and they all felt a demon spirit leave him. The man changed, and only after that did the preacher return for him. The young man is now a pianist at a church.
God is still in the business of changing lives and doing miracles.

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  1. Wow, I am proud of Dad too! I guess God is moving us all out of our "comfort zones" and stretching us, huh!
    Andy reminded me that… "you can't grow unless you get stretched!"

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