Springfield, MO

On Sunday afternoon, after the Gospel music, we had lunch with the other two MMAP couples that also attended, then we went our separate ways.
We headed for Springfield, with my long list of things to see. It was raining and some of the sites were outside and did not really seem appealing in such weather. On our way up we stopped at an antique store to check out the merchandise. One thing I am noticing in this area, there are a LOT of thrift and antique stores! Our first scheduled stop was going to be Grizzly Tools Of course, I had not checked, and they were closed on Sunday. But, we checked out the Disabled Veterans Thrift store (I know, I am NOT a shopper!!) across the road, since it had just opened the day before.
The Historic District sounded interesting, so we drove down historic Walnut Street. There were several really neat old homes along the street.

The largest, “granddaddy” Bass Pro Shop is in Springfield, so when we saw the green roof, we knew we had to stop! The place was huge! As you come in, a fireplace greets you. I could have sat there the rest of the day!

Among the great finds in the gun section was an 1886 Winchester Rifle for sale for $42,000! It did include the original case!
And a Starbucks!!

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