Chincoteague, VA

One definitely gets the island feel here! Last night we saw lightening over the ocean, but could barely hear the thunder. But we could imagine the type of storms that must hit here at times. During the day, though, it has been great weather, sunny and warm. Windy in places. Our only complaint is the mosquitoes!!! While exploring the campground, we were swarmed by them at the mini golf course. We were able to keep them away from the girls, but Karyn and I got the worst of them. Both of us have over 25 bites on each arm (not including ones on our necks, backs and ankles!!). The sun rises have been gorgeous!!

Yesterday we went north from Quinby and visited the
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
and the Assateague Lighthouse

Very beautiful country. As well as many birds, this is home to wild ponies. We did sight them; however, they were far away.
View of them from the top of the lighthouse,

and from the car!

We had more mosquito swarms on the trial to the lighthouse. Karyn and I went up the 175 steps to the top while Paul babysat the girls at the bottom. Hailey cried when she saw us up at the top….I think she was scared for us!

We stopped by the National Seashore so Hailey could experience the beach. She enjoyed playing in the sand, but as soon as the water came up, she got scared and that was the end!

Tegan loved it!

The water was really warm, the sand beautiful, but the wind was so strong it was hard to really enjoy it.

On the way back we enjoyed lunch and homemade ice cream, the end of a perfect day!!

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