Labor Day Weekend

At the Thousand Trails on the Natchez Trace, an annual tradition for the past 18 years or so, has been a BarBQ Pork Dinner. We volunteered to help this year with pullin the meat off the bones. They had 12 shanks….. Six lucky Dobermann’s get the bones! It was the best pork I have had!!

Something I have never had was a yellow watermelon! On the way back from Lawrenceburg the other day, we stopped at an Amish farm to pick up some produce. I chose this watermelon because it was small enough for the fridge and sounded good when thumped. I realized when I got home it had “yellow” written on it. Sure enough, when we cut it open, it was yellow! Tastes the same. A little more firm than red.

One more day here, then movin’ on out….somewhere….

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