Enjoyin retirement

Paul checks out Craigslist freebies everyday. So just before leaving for the Natchez Trace, Paul saw a metal trellis…not that we were looking, but it had possibilities!! This picture was taken after we removed the bathroom sink from the top (it was sitting out front of another house we passed along the way with a free sign on it… at least we left the two flower pots in the form of toilets!! ) We picked the sink up for Nate’s place, but I do not know if he really wants it or not.

Yes, honey, the Jeep is a tool not a toy!!
We had some work to do to remove the vines that were on it. BEFORE:

But it was worth it. AFTER:

On our way here, we pass a turnoff to a winery, and often said “one of these days…” So we decided on Saturday to check it out. They have live music on Saturday nights. (Remember, close to Nashville)
It was smaller than we thought, but we were told they get thousands of tons of grapes out of the vines!

Also got some more ideas to keep Paul busy and out of trouble when we are at home.

Then we got a surprise visit on Tuesday!! Last time Hailey saw the inside of the RV, she was about two months old!! (She was too scared of it when it was in front of her house!) So she was really looking around. But she seemed to like the tent best! Go figure! She is definitely an outside gal. Got to take her tent camping! She enjoyed chillin’ with Opa!

And Tegan just wanted to go somewhere!

Socializing always means eating… So we went to Captain D’s Wednesday (senior day) in Lawrenceburg, and Antonio’s Grill in Hohenwald on Thursday (they had their first anniversary half off special!) And of course, Walmart both days!

Looking forward to the Hog Cookout this weekend.

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