Well, the holidays are over, and I hope all of you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I know we did! It took us (Paul did most of it this year) over a week to decorate inside the house, then Paul decided to put 4000 lights up outside around the roof line! Of course, when he did, the highest peak was higher than the ladder. He came in and said he needed my help…after putting the ladder on the back of the jeep, I was to hold it so he would not fall. I wondered out loud what I would do if it did fall; because, I do not think I could stop it once it started !!!! He told me to call 911….very reassuring.

Since I am trying to focus my blog about our travel and adventures, y’all need to check out Karyn’s and Alicia’s blogs for family happenings and latest pictures of the grandkids! We do have the sweetest grandkids…..

Two days after Christmas, we took off and spent three weeks in the “upcountry” (northwest corner) of South Carolina. What a beautiful area….and it is winter. I bet fall and spring are just fabulous with color. Our computer crashed (literally, it will not boot up at all!) so I could not blog as we did things, but I will be using Nate’s computer to blog over a few days, now that we are home. It was cold, but we did something every day!! Lots of hikes, museums, art galleries, antique shops, and even a few university campuses….no, we are not planning on returning to college at our age….just curiosity…and some of the museums/galleries were located on campuses.
So, revisit for details and pictures!

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  1. Welcome back!!! We need more!! How about some pictures? I should talk, at least you have a Blog.
    Glad to have you back and sitting in your reserved seat in church.

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