Being cheap

Since it was a freebie, we visited the Frist Art Center again this last week…it was Ms. Cheap day…
she spoke and answered questions, we had the special $5 lunch at the Cafe (we have eaten there before and it has always been good) and viewed the Tiffany lamp collection that is there until the end of August. We had a great “date”. (Whenever you are with your best friend, it is always a great date:)!

On Wednesday we attended the Williamson county fair, since it was Southern Gospel music concert that night. The Legacy Five was playing, and we enjoy their music. We heard them years ago when they first started. Again, we were cheap and got a free coupon online, so we paid $6 for fair and music concert!

Just an observation: In addition to the great activities we have found ourselves at, we appreciate the people here. When we got our license plates here, we got the Vietnam veteran plates. A young person (20’s) at the fair noticed them and thanked Paul for his service. This has happened numerous times in the past 5 months. It is such a different culture here, one of caring and observing; one of the reasons we thank the Lord for bringing us here!

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