Movin on out…to TN!

While out in TN over Christmas, we found the “perfect house” for us… Step three!

No, it is not on the lake where we first started looking, but it is close to Karyn, in a small town, and close to the amenities we are starting to miss. A great place to come home to once we start traveling! No time frame for us to move out just yet!

One thought on “Movin on out…to TN!”

  1. We’re so excited you’ve finally seen the light and are moving south! Like my friends here tell me…”Girl, you can’t help that you weren’t born here – we know you got here as fast as you could!”

    We’re headed to CA later this week for a wedding in Pasadena – who knows, we may get crazy and drive up to Julian and see who we can “find”.

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    Andy, Lyssa, Cameron, Kendrick & Kolbe Perry 🙂

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